At a young age, it was already impressed upon us that proper oral hygiene must be established. However, though brushing and flossing can help combat tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease, these alone cannot thwart all dental problems from occuring. Thus, it is also advisable to have biannual visitations to your dentist for a thorough teeth cleaning.


How often do we need to get our teeth cleaned?

Have you ever typed the keywords “dentist near me” in the search bar yet hesistated and even cancelled your planned visit to your eyed dental clinic? Well, you aren’t alone. 20% of Americans visit dentists only when absolute necessity arises while 5% to 8% do not want to go to a dental clinic at all.

If your teeth and gums are in good and healthy conditions, the American Dental Association recommends routine teeth cleaning twice a year. However, for individuals with more acute dental problems, quaterly visitations are advised. Those who need orthodontic treatment probably needs more frequent dental clinic visits.


What is the difference between regular teeth cleaning and deep cleaning?

Regular cleaning concentrates on the teeth’s surface, gum line, and between the teeth. On the other hand, deep cleaning or scaling eliminates tartar, bacteria, and other plaques underneath the gum line.

Deep cleaning entails aggressive cleaning that cannot be achieved through regular cleaning. The bacteria underneath the gum line can cause inflammation as your body attempts to bout the infection. During such treatment, your mouth will be numbed and your dentist may provide a post-treatment prescription or antibiotic regimen. If proper dental attention is not given, the inflammation can cause bone or teeth loss.



The artless way to keep a healthy smile and white teeth is to have teeth cleaning on a regular basis. Seek for your dentist’s advice regarding any teeth or gum concerns and continue the habit of brushing and flossing at least twice a day.

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