Dental insurances provide people the chance to have the dental care they need. However, the benefits of these insurances are commonly on a calendar year basis. This means that the validity of the benefits ends after December 31st. With only a month left this year, now is the best time to make the most of your dental insurance benefits. If you still have remaining unused benefits, these will not accumulate. So better utilize all of the benefits than letting them all go to waste.

Here are several services you might want to avail before you lose the opportunity:


Routine Dental Checkups

Most dental insurances provide two checkups per year at six-month intervals. Now is a brilliant time to schedule an appointment if you haven’t had a dental cleaning in the past six months.

Routine checkups to the dentist help identify the early stage of gum diseases and oral problems. Even a minor cavity or a leaky filling, if left unattended, can turn into bigger and more expensive fix.


Extensive Treatment

If what you need is a more extensive and expensive dental treatment, the year-end is the best time to get the treatment started. Extensive dental procedures require multiple visits to the dentist. Certainly, you won’t be able to complete your procedure this year, making it the ideal circumstance for larger dental procedures.

Undergoing an extensive dental treatment at the end of the year is the best strategy, especially if you’ve already hit your max deductible. This method will minimize your out-of-pocket cost by utilizing the unused benefit of your dental insurance. You can also create a plan that maximizes your current benefit by splitting your treatment between this year and the next. Once your dental insurance benefits and deductibles reset next year, then you can finish the work.



Your dental problems can get worse over time. A simple cavity now could develop into a root canal treatment later. A root canal treatment now can be more expensive next year, as nothing eventually gets cheaper. If you still have benefits left unused, better use it than lose it. Contact your dentist or search for “Find a dentist near me” and make your appointment today!

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