A dental crowns in Houston is a tool for restoring dental health. It is one of the treatment plans performed by a cosmetic dentist. It is sometimes referred to as dental cap; used to shield a natural tooth or dental implants. It is a very effective way of restoring a damaged tooth or teeth.

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What Is The Best Dentist Office In Houston?

If you’re in search of the best dentist office in Houston, then you’re in the right place. Dentist Houston TX is renowned for its dental care services and restorative dentistry. Our services cover all restorative dentistry procedures like dental crown placement, root canal treatment, damaged tooth restoration, teeth whitening, etc. including the ones for kids. We also provide durable porcelain crowns, dental bridges, permanent crowns, and much more. And the good news is that we provide affordable dental services to our patients with or without insurance.

Do Teeth Sensitive To Always Indicate Decay/Cavities?

The existing plaque on your teeth can result in cavities. Teeth sensitive is can also be an indication that you are experiencing cavities. However, it doesn’t always mean that sensitive teeth indicate decays/cavities.

Can You Get A Crown Without A Root Canal?

In some cases, those who may need a dental crown may not need a root canal. You will only need a root canal if the cavity is so deep that it reaches the pulp of the tooth; the point where the nerve is found. This is a case that requires a dental filling.

What Are The Stages Of Tooth Decay?

First Stage: White Spots

Second Stage: Enamel Decay

Third Stage: Dentin Decay

Fourth Stage: Infected Pulp

Fifth Stage: Abscess Formation

Sixth Stage: Tooth Loss

Dental Crowns Houston

A dental crown is one of the tools for dental restoration. It is also referred to as a dental cap. It is used to cap or encircle a dental implant or natural tooth completely. These Houston dental crowns are of different colors, such as the regular white, silver, and gold. The cost of the dental crowns may be dependent on the color you wish to have. This simply means that permanent gold teeth prices may not be the same as the prices of silver tooth implants. Apparently, gold teeth dental are more expensive than the silver ones; just to assist you in your choice making.

Everyone deserves to smile with confidence. For folks who may have lost the beauty of their smile, getting a dental crown is a step to take. There are several dental crowns Houston TX centers in Houston, TX, but getting a perfect dental implant is quite expedient. At Dentist Houston TX, we offer all kinds of cosmetic dental procedures.

Faqs About Dental Crowns Houston TX

What are the Pros and Cons of Dental Crowns versus Bridge?

Dental Crowns


Dental crowns made at Dentist Houston TX offer stability, strength and structure to broken or a damaged tooth. Our dental crowns protect a cracked or worn tooth, fix a tooth after a root canal is done or hide a large cavity. They can replace missing teeth altogether.


Dental crowns consume time and they can be destructive as well compared to a dental filling. Your natural tooth may be at risk of tooth sensitivity and infection if the dental crown is not properly place. Dental crowns require a strong jawbone to anchor to.

Dental Bridges


With our dental bridges at Dentist Houston TX, we can carry out a perfect surgery on patients who don’t have strong and sturdy jaw bone or patients who are not healthy enough for surgery.


Dental bridges require the surrounding teeth to be strong, as they could be quite destructive to them. They’re pretty difficult to clean, thereby increasing the risk of infection.

Can you get a Crown without a Root Canal?

In some cases, those who may need a dental crown may not need a root canal. You will only need a root canal if the cavity is so deep that it reaches the pulp of the tooth; the point where the nerve is found. This is a case that requires a dental filling.

What is the Normal Size for a Crown on a Front Tooth?

The normal size for a dental crown on a front tooth ranges from 10.5mm to 11.5mm. It is ideal for the dental crown to be longer than wide and have a rectangular shape.


What are the Disadvantages of Zirconia Crowns?

The major disadvantages of Zirconia Crowns are:

  •   You can barely detect decay beneath the crown
  •   Its toughness can be detrimental to your tooth root and the nearby teeth

Which lasts longer, High Quality Crowns or Natural Teeth?

You must know that dental crowns are vulnerable to the cavity, similar to your natural teeth. It all depends on your oral hygiene habits. From our research, if you take care of your oral health, the dental crowns will last a long deal for you. If you don’t, well, the dental crown won’t last that long.

Where can I find Reliable Dentists for my Dental Treatment?

You can get quality dental care from dedicated and knowledgeable dentists at Dentist Houston TX. We also provide a comfortable and luxurious environment for you to have the best dental care experience.

Dentist In Houston Near Me

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