We help straighten your teeth with clear aligner technology, perfect your smile without anyone noticing! In many cases we are able to complete your Invisalign treatment up to 50% faster than normal.  At URBN Dental you will go through a comprehensive initial smile analysis and another smile analysis after your treatment is completed.We will tweak your smile until perfection!


Whether it is a routine Dental Examination or a Complex Full Mouth Smile Makeover we are here to take care of your teeth to the best of our ability.  We offer services such as Lumineers, Veneers, Invisalign, Porcelain Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Deep Cleanings, Laser Dentistry, and more! Contact us today for a FREE consultation for Invisalign or Veneers!


We use Da Vinci Laboratories for all of our porcelain work (Crowns, Bridges, Implants, Veneers), as seen on ABC’s Extreme Makeover.  We do not charge our patients extra because we believe that everyone should receive the highest quality materials in their mouth.  We also are one of the only offices in Houston that offer BPA-Free Fillings, we take on the cost of these higher materials because we feel that our patients deserve the very best care!

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At URBN Dental we offer complete Dental care, we offer convenient Dentist services open on Saturdays!

We offer complete preventive, restorative and cosmetic care. Our filling material is the highest quality BPA-Free Filling made by VOCO, it is safe, non-toxic, and natural looking fillings that are placed in a single visit.

We offer Invisalign Clear Braces that allow you to get a straighter smile without noticeable braces! Straighten your teeth without the metal brackets!

We make Dental Insurance a breeze and offer many financial options to help you get the quality care that you deserve.



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Our team are experts in getting the best results for your Smile. We can evaluate your concerns and make a custom plan to perfect your smile.

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Our team of doctors are experts in getting the best results for your Smile. We can evaluate your concerns and make a custom plan to perfect your smile today! Call us for an appointment or book conveniently online!


URBN Dental is a name on which you can trust and rely on when it comes to emergency dental care and cosmetic dentistry. We are the best dental clinic in Houston TX who offer a wide array of general dentistry services without burning the cash of our patients. Our team of professional Dentists in Houston TX can perfectly makeover your smile with Invisalign.

The blend of state of the art technology equipment and effectual treatment strategies is what makes us best in the business and drive us to provide advanced dentistry in Houston. To connect with us expeditiously, just search best dental office near me and contact us for the free consultation!