A dental abscess is when a pocket of pus is created in your mouth due to a bacterial infection. This pocket of the pus can occur due to different reasons. Moreover, it can be located in different areas of your mouth. For instance, a periodontal abscess is when this pocket of pus is located in the gums. When a dental abscess is located at the tip of the root, it is known as Peri-apical abscess. If not taken care of, an emergency dental abscess can lead you to search for emergency dental abscess treatment.

I Just Popped My Dental Abscess. Advice?

A dental abscess is painful and distressing.  A tooth abscess is caused by the growth of bacteria into the bones and soft tissues.  From a cavity, which is often neglected, bacteria extend into the cheeks, gums, throat, or the facial bones or jaw. When the tissues containing bacteria become inflamed, the condition becomes very painful,

A pocket of the pus is developed at the infected site and it is painful until the tooth abscess is drained properly. If you have observed dental abscess or you are experiencing pain, swelling or any other symptoms you must immediately go to the dental abscess emergency room.

Your dentist will drain the abscess and clean the area. This is done by a surgical procedure. However, your dentist May recommend root canal and scaling to remove tartar and plaque.

To prevent complications and completely remove the infection, draining the dental abscess is important. But draining is not the only step in the dental abscess treatment. If you have popped your dental abscess at home, you must visit your dentist because there is always a risk if the abscess is not drained properly. The reason is that the infection will not be removed entirely, the infection will spread and an abscess will come back.

Moreover, your dentist will prescribe a pain reliever and antibiotics to eliminate the infection so that the dental abscess will not come back and you don’t have to look for emergency dental abscess treatment.

What Are The Symptoms Of Abscessed Teeth?

An emergency dental abscess treatment is important for oral health and also for overall health. Sometimes, despite rigorous cleaning routine, some food particles stuck in different areas of your mouth. Bacteria grow on these particles leading to plaque and tartar. Sometimes, bacteria enter below the gum line or into a tooth. This leads to tooth infection or a collection of pus that is called tooth abscess.

When you experience throbbing pain in your gums or near a tooth, you may have abscessed teeth because this is the major symptom of the dental abscess. Mostly when suffering from a dental abscess, you opt for an easy solution, for instance, you go for a course of antibiotics or pain killers. Although this medication can reduce pain for some time this is not the only dental abscess treatment.

You must call your dentist immediately when you experience pain, observe a pocket of pus or a pimple-like bump in the gums before it progresses into other severe symptoms. Other symptoms of a dental abscess include:

  •       Pain while biting or chewing
  •       Tooth sensitivity
  •       Red or swollen gums
  •       Swelling and facial redness
  •       Pain radiating to neck, jaw, or ear
  •       Bad breath
  •       Loose teeth
  •       Discolored teeth
  •       Bad taste in your mouth
  •       Fever
  •       Swollen lymph nodes under your jaw or in your neck
  •       Difficulty swallowing or breathing

When you experience any of these signs, you must visit your dentist immediately. However, if your dentist is not available, go to the dental abscess emergency room.


Why Does The Nerve Become Infected/ Damaged?

Although the pulp of your tooth which contains blood vessels and nerves is protected by dentin and enamel, several reasons expose these nerves and cause a lot of pain. And this requires you to see immediate dental abscess treatment. Some of the causes of nerve damage are:

Abscesses Tooth

If you have Peri-apical abscess, which is the dental abscess present at the tip of the root, and you experience pain or swelling on the jaw or face, this is a sign of nerve damage. This happens due to infection at the root which is often the result of an injury or tooth decay. Cellular activity or blood flow increases in the area of nerve damage, thus, resulting in experiencing pain and pressure.

Tooth decay

As mentioned earlier, nerves and blood vessels are protected by dentin and enamel of the tooth,  severe tooth decay, and where dancer touch exposing the dental pulp. This increases the chances of infection in the nerves, thus, causing nerve damage if not treated on time.


During an accident or sports, any trauma to the teeth or jaw can break or crack your teeth.  Broken or crooked tooth exposes the nerves inside it, thus making it vulnerable to get infected.


How Are Abscessed Tooth Treated?

If you are looking for emergency dental abscess treatment, you may want to know about the dental abscess treatment options as well as the procedure involved. Dental abscess Treatment options depend on the severity and type of dental abscess. However, relieving pain and clearing the infection are the main focus of treatment.

The dentist will drain the pus making a small cut in the abscess. Afterward, the area will be cleaned with the saline solution to prevent any infection. If the infection has progressed to the pulp of your tooth, your dentist will carry out a root canal procedure to remove the infected pulp.  After that, the dentist will clean the pulp chamber and seal it.  To strengthen your teeth, a crown is placed to cover the treated tooth.

Moreover, if your tooth cannot be saved your dentist well remove the tooth entirely before draining the pus. The dentist will also prescribe some antibiotics and painkillers to eliminate the infection and reduce the pain.


If you observe early signs of a dental abscess, call your dentist immediately because you may not want to call your dentist for emergency dental abscess treatment.  However, for the dental abscess treatment, one of the best clinics in Houston, Texas is the URBN Dental clinic. You can visit the website for more details https://dentisthoustontx.com/.  Call at (346)251-8322 and book an appointment now.