What are the Most Common Dental Emergencies?

Common dental emergencies can happen any time and to almost everybody, both adults and children. You may suffer your dental emergency during a game which has become intense or while you are eating your favorite delicacy. The important thing, though, is to undergo a Dental Infection Treatment immediately. Tooth infection is the cause of tooth decay, dental abscesses, periapical abscesses, and other dental issues that are detrimental to your overall oral health.

No matter the form or pattern your dental emergency comes in, you are likely to need the help of a professional dentist for your oral care. It is the professional that can recognize the tooth infection symptoms causing your dental emergency. Also, it is a specialist in that field that can carry out the dental procedures for Dental Infection Treatment.


How does a Dentist Kill a Nerve In a Tooth?

Root canal treatment is another name for killing a nerve, and it is carried out to remove the bacteria that are causing consistent pain of the tooth. You may often feel your tooth hurting spontaneously or when you drink hot or cold drinks.

This pain may be a result of a crack, fracture due to trauma, tooth decay, dental abscesses, and many other factors that can lead to tooth infection. What your dentist will advise you in this situation is to kill off the nerve that is causing so much pain.

There is no mystery about this particular Dental Infection Treatment. All it involves is for your dentist to remove the nerve that is damaged inside your tooth. The root canal treatment will involve cleaning and disinfecting the ducts that contain the bacteria. Also, your dentist will seal the place off with a biocompatible and inert material.

As a result, the inflammation and infection surrounding the tooth both inside it will disappear, thus allowing the problem to heal and ensure proper functioning activity of your tooth.

You don’t have to worry about the dental procedures being painful since the dentist will first of all ensure that you are numb before exposing the nerve. Immediately after the nerve exposure, the dentist will use certain tiny files and then irrigate solutions within the canal that the nerve resides. After these dental procedures are conducted, the nerve will no longer be alive to cause pain.


Is the Only Treatment for a Periapical Abscess Tooth Removal?

Generally, dental abscesses come as a result of pus collection due to tooth infection. Most times, this infection of the tooth has spread out to reach the tissues surrounding the tooth. The pus accumulates from bacteria, dead tissue, and white blood cells. Oftentimes, the tooth infection branches out from the root edge via the bones and reach inside the gum tissues. As a result, the tooth root will swell up.

Taking tooth abscess antibiotics may help, but then, it is advisable to drain the abscess. The removal of the abscess is likely to need root canal treatment. The dental procedures required for periapical abscess will involve your dentist drilling a hole inside your dead tooth to enable the pus to come out.

This procedure will bring out of the pulp any gum tissue that is damaged. After that, root fillings will be inserted within the open space to prevent the infection from coming back.

There is no need for tooth removal in the dental procedures for Periapical Abscess. However, if the infection causing the abscess comes back even after the surgical procedures by your oral surgeon, then the only alternative will be the removal of the tooth.


Is Tooth Extraction and Filling Advisable for 4-5 years Old?

After examining your child’s teeth thoroughly and your pediatric dentist’s advice on tooth extraction and filling, you should go for it. Moreover, carrying out such dental procedures on your child will involve the application of general anesthesia. That is the best way to carry out extensive dental procedures on young children.

The pediatric dentist may only apply nitrous oxide sedation, although the form used will depend greatly on the child’s behavior. However, if the no abscess is found and the teeth are likely to exfoliate within that year, the dentist may recommend monitoring of the teeth.

But then children of age 4-5 only expect the fall out of their lower front incisors and molars within that year or next. The first molars teeth of babies usually fallout from ages 9-11, thus leaving the space free for permanent teeth.

However, if the teeth fall out prematurely, the tooth at its back is likely to drift forward. As a result, the remaining space will cause overcrowding of the adult teeth when it is time for it to appear. That is why; it is advisable to apply a space maintainer that is cemented to the opposite tooth to hold the space before the permanent tooth can appear.

These dental procedures may not guarantee 100% free overcrowding, but it can minimize the level of overcrowding the child will experience without the space maintainer. 

So you now know that you have an alternative to tooth extraction and filling, which is just to monitor the teeth without doing anything. But then, the consequences of such an act will be detrimental to the oral health of your child most, especially since the teeth will go on decaying and developing abscess that can result in swelling and pain.

Apart from the severe suffering of the patient, the infection is likely to spread out to other major parts in the blood or head in the worst-case scenario, although it is unlikely but not unrecorded.


Where can I Get Some Good Dental Treatment?

Maintaining your oral health is vital to keeping your gum tissues and teeth healthy. Your oral care requires taking up habits like attending regular dental checkups and brushing your teeth two times daily.

But then, taking care of your oral health is much more than gum disease and cavities. According to research, it is linked to your healthy mouth as well as your overall oral health. That is why; you need experts in the field to take care of your dental health through dental procedures.

Urbn Dental can help you to prevent these dental issues that can affect your personal life, school, work, and overall health. The professional dentists here can conduct a thorough examination of your oral health, clean your teeth, and remove the hardened tartar as well as plaques. They can also examine your teeth for symptoms of mouth cancer, gum disease, cavities as well as other dental health problems.

Feel free to call us or contact through email to book an appointment with the best dentists that can take care of your oral health.


There is nothing more fearful than noticing you have problems in your mouth. Most especially; since you cannot conduct a proper examination on your own. Since you are a layman in the field of dentistry, you will find it hard to know if the issue is something that you can take care of your own or if it is a dental emergency.

Often, you can utilize some home remedies to help your symptoms if they are not severe, but other times, it is best to visit your dentist at once. Calling or visiting your dentist as soon as possible is essential if you want to maintain your oral health.

At least being a professional, the dentist will know the best way to offer relief, eliminate the problem, and ensure that there will be no more damage. To make sure that you will be able to recognize a dental emergency and act appropriately, here are some dental emergencies you should know;

  •   If you fall and sustain mouth injury when you have crossed the age of 10 years and have all your permanent teeth.
  •   When your tooth is knocked out
  •   If you are suffering from severe pain within your tooth
  •   Infections of the teeth
  •   If your teeth are sensitive to cold or hot food or drinks
  •   Mouth sores
  •   Abscess in the gums
  •   Broken teeth
  •   Bleeding and swelling of your teeth

It is essential to take care of your teeth since you know that our teeth cannot be replaced. What better place for you to go than to visit Urbn Dental for maximum dental care.