Custom Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth

A perfect custom mouth guard-fit mouthguard from a dental lab does not only reduce the chances of teeth grinding and clenching, but it also helps in teeth whitening and acts as a mouthguard for different sports, such as wrestling and football.

Certain custom mouth guard are very soft and convenient. Most boil-and-bite mouthguards can be somewhat discomforting, which is one reason why you have to consult your dentist for the best mouth guard to go for. The boil-and-bite mouthguards are reasonably low in cost. You can get a box of about four guards for around $20 or even less.

At Dentist Houston TX, we provide the highest quality sports mouth guards that are perfect enough for:

  •       Sleepers who don’t are not requesting for custom-fitted night guards
  •       Athletes and others who want a teeth-whitening mouth guard
  •       Those who seek for value 

Protection Guard

The function of a protection guard is to absorb the impact effect around the area of the mouth, so it does not affect the teeth. It is usually designed to guard the upper teeth; however, the dental mouth guard gives protection to the entire area of the mouth. According to the ADA, when there is a force of impact on the face, the mouth guard sends the force throughout the face region, so no much injury is sustained. 

FAQs about Custom Mouth Guard

What are the difference between Groin Guard and Mouth Guard?

There are certain differences between the mouth guards and groin guards. Mouth guards are worn over the teeth to protect them from severe injury during sports or teeth grinding and clenching. The groin guards, on the other hand,are high tech foam made to protect the groin by preventing pain and absorbing shock.

How does a Mouth Guard protect your Teeth?

A mouthguard is like a casing that is designed to cover the teeth. It is generally used to prevent the teeth from wearing down from grinding and clenching or sports. The material used to make the ‘boil and bite’ mouthguard is thermoplastic. It is often immersed in hot water so it can be soft enough to be reshaped to fit the teeth.

How to mold a Mouthguard with Braces?

The Use of Right Size

This is the first thing you should consider before molding your mouthguard with braces. The right size plays a very significant role in this aspect.

Significance of Bottom Teeth Mouthguard

The mouth guards we design at Dentist Houston TX are perfectly fitted to the bottom or top teeth. In molding a dental mouth guard with braces, it is essential to get additional bottom teeth fit guard. This will protect your lips against the braces to avoid a cut on them.

A Barrier between the Guard and Brackets

There is a need to shield the brackets using an aluminum foil or dental wax when molding a mouthguard with braces. Be careful enough not to let the mouth guard curve and harden unto the front brackets. That way, it will be difficult to remove the guard. Block out the region with an aluminum foil or rope wax.

An example of a custom night guard that fits perfectly to the teeth is the SISU night guard. It has no barrier on the brackets and makes out a tight space seal about the brackets that is quite hard to get off.

Request the Assistance of a Dental Professional

Using braces require quite some time and money, which makes it very essential to do it right the first time. At times when you are experiencing some severe adjustments in your teeth, it is your orthodontist who is in the right position to recommend another effective solution while the treatment is still ongoing. Ensure you have the assistance of a professional orthodontist to get a successful treatment when you come for the adjustment.

Refit the Guard when you notice a shift in your Teeth

It is essential to adjust the mouth guard always when you observe a shift in your teeth during orthodontic treatment. It is possible to remold the teeth guard for up to 20 times. This will help a great deal for every time the teeth move or shift.

Can one use Regular Mouthguards with Braces on?

It is okay to wear a mouth guard with your braces on as well. If you’re someone who engages in sports activities, it is essential to wear a mouth guard (custom mouthguard) as it will help in protecting your teeth. There are several different kinds of sports mouth guards, but the best you can get is the custom mouthguard made in a dental lab.

Are you able to talk with a Mouth Guard?

Some sleeping mouth guards are too full to let you talk. Getting a sleeping mouth guard from your dentist will be very beneficial as they are custom made to fit your teeth. Also, you can get cool mouthguards that won’t thwart you from talking at Dentist Houston TX.

Does Sleep Guard stop Night-Time Jaw Clenching?

More often than not, teeth grinding and clenching can be treated just by wearing a night guard before going to bed. It does this by lightening up the tension around the jaw muscles. In turn, prevent pain in the face and jaw, as much as it protects the enamel of your teeth.

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