One of the most beautiful gestures you can bestow on somebody is your sweet smile. A beautiful smile can express many things. For instance, it can enable people to understand that they can approach you. Also, it can make you look more beautiful and younger.

However, if your teeth are not attractive, the message you are trying to relay will get lost. That is why; you need the best orthodontist in Uptown at Dentist Houston Tx for Porcelain Veneers Houston.

We are the best Houston cosmetic dentistry that can offer you various treatments to eliminate every aesthetic flaw you may have. As a result, you can now be confident enough to view yourself in a mirror or give a bright smile.

For instance; our dentist in Houston Tx can offer porcelain veneers, temporary veneers, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers smile makeover, etc. With the help of our experienced cosmetic dentist, you can experience a new sparkle within your mouth and a new spring to your steps. You only need to book an appointment at to get the best orthodontist in Uptown for your porcelain veneers Houston. 

What is Houston Dental Clinic?

It doesn’t matter whether you do not have insurance coverage or not, Dentist Houston Tx got your back. We are the best orthodontist in Uptown. We are easy to reach, affordable, local and offer options which can suit everyone. Our aim is to deliver affordable and high-quality dental care and service. We provide the best cosmetic dentistry to our patients and the public at large.

It is only professional dentists that take care of our patients. Also, our staff is friendly and capable of helping the patients attain maximum oral health. Patients who are suffering from one dental pain or the other can easily drop in at our Houston Dental Clinic In Uptown. We always appreciate new patients and welcome them with red carpet treatment.

Our Houston Cosmetic Dentistry is always open from Monday to Saturday to accommodate every schedule of our patients. We are equipped with various teams of professional dentists and hygienists. Thus; even the busiest of individual or families can get suitable time for them. Whether you haven’t checked your oral health for a long time or you checked it recently, feel free to visit the best orthodontist in Uptown. Don’t be afraid to tell us your teeth problems. We can make recommendations for you. We are always mindful of your health, wishes, and budget. At Dentist Houston Tx, we first, of, all, share the cost of veneers or treatment with our patients before commencing. Our insurance plans are numerous, thus ensuring minimal paperwork and better coverage for you. We welcome you to Dentist Houston Tx Clinic. Dr Justin Lai, DDS, and the team are happy to receive you. Thank you for making us your choice. 

What Causes Yellow Teeth? 

Indeed, having yellow teeth may not fall under the category of dental emergency; it may rub you of your smile and confidence. Fortunately, you can improve your teeth color if you polish your oral care routine and changing your diet. You can even have the benefit of porcelain veneers smile makeover by an experienced cosmetic dentist at Dentist Houston Tx in Uptown. Here are the common causative agents of yellow teeth;

  •       Your Diet-

Most of the food we eat, which contain a high amount of tannins like red wine has the potential to cause yellow teeth. Furthermore, when you drink beverages like wine, soda, and coffee, they get into your tooth enamel. Their stay there can result in a long-term discoloration.

  •       Smoking

One of the major causes of yellow teeth is smoking. Moreover, any stain resulting from smoking tends to be quite stubborn to wipe out. You can only achieve teeth whitening by quitting and an entire dental care routine. That is the only way to get your natural teeth back.

  •       Illness

There are certain medications you take due to poor health conditions that cause yellow teeth. For instance; cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy can develop stained or yellow teeth. Also, drugs for high blood pressure and asthma can cause yellow teeth.

  •       Poor Dental Hygiene

When you do not maintain your oral health properly, you are likely to get yellow teeth. However, even though you are diligent in your oral hygiene, age can be another factor that yellows your teeth.

  •       Fluoride

Exposing your teeth to excessive fluoride is another source of yellow teeth.

If you are suffering from yellow teeth due to the above-listed factors, there are many available teeth whitening options for you. You can visit your orthodontist in Uptown for dental veneers. However, make sure that you are visiting an experienced cosmetic dentist like Dentist Houston Tx. Ensure that you follow their instructions and advice carefully. 

Can you get a Crown without a Root Canal? 

The answer is yes! You can. What you may need is an RCT, that is; if your tooth pulp happens to be infected. However, if your tooth pulp is okay and you still need a crown, it is advisable to keep it untouched. There is no need for the prepping, which is necessary to fit the crown and keep it in place. Most of the dental crowns are fixed without needing a root canal first unless the fracture or decay of your teeth is near to your nerves or pulp. 

How to Manage Dental Emergency? 

Even though you are an experienced cosmetic dentist, you may encounter a dental emergency. The important thing is to know how to identify dental emergencies and how to manage them. Immediate identification and efficient management of any dental emergency by your Houston Dentist can deliver a satisfactory result. For your dental emergency, visit your Orthodontist In Uptown immediately. You can book for an appointment at

Where can I get the best Teeth Whitening Services? 

There is no better place to get your teeth whitening services than Dentist Houston Tx here in Uptown. That is the place to find a highly-qualified and committed team whose aim is to restore and create a healthy, beautiful smile for you. Book for an appointment here you will be attended to by our experienced cosmetic dentist.