What is a Root Canal Treatment

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When is Root Canal Treatment Suggested by a Doctor?

Root canal treatment, which is also called endodontic therapy, is the dental procedure to remove infection within a tooth. It is also used to protect your tooth from contracting infections in the future.

Thus, any good dentist in my area is likely to suggest a root canal therapy if your pulp or inside your tooth is infected or inflamed. Things that can cause such situations are deep tooth decay, chip or cracked tooth, faulty crowns, and consecutive dental procedures.

Furthermore, when you suffer trauma to your teeth, it is likely to lead to pulp damage with or without any noticeable crack or chip on your tooth. If you neglect to treat the infection or inflammation of the pulp, it can cause severe pain as well as lead to a dental abscess.

Your dentist will suggest the root canal therapy to treat the infected or inflamed pulp since it is the best way to remove, clean. And disinfect inside of your tooth. It will then be filled with gutta-percha, which is a rubber-like substance.


How to know if I need a Root Canal Treatment?

When you are experiencing excruciating pain inside your teeth, it may be suggesting a root canal treatment. However, toothache alone is not a sure sign for undergoing a root canal treatment.

It is your local dentist that is qualified to find out whether you need root canal therapy or not through professional methods. However, you can also determine when you need the treatment by looking out for certain signs and symptoms.

For instance; when you are experiencing the following situations, you should know that you definitely need the root canal treatment;

  •       Tenderness of the gums
  •       Swellings
  •       Severe pain
  •       Feeling generally sick

It doesn’t matter whether you are experiencing one or many of the above-listed symptoms. The important factor here is that a problem has occurred.  It is the duty of your local dentist to conduct a comprehensive exam, analyze his/her findings, and determine if a root canal is the only alternative.

Can I wear braces over Root Canal Treated Teeth?

The simple answer to this question is yes! You can wear braces over your root canal treatment. Even, you can undergo a root canal treatment even though you already have braces.

Braces are especially created to function around your teeth, which is needs moving. As a result, it does not prevent the work within the tooth area where the root canal will be taking place.

Another determining factor also is the particular brace you are wearing. The dentist may remove the braces before carrying out the root canal.

Additionally, your dentist can place braces on the teeth, which is recently under the root canal therapy and crowns. However, the dentist is likely to design your braces to allow a gradual movement of your teeth.

What Are Some Treatments for Tooth Decay?

When the buildup of plaque on your teeth produces acid, it leads to tooth decay. If the situation is not treated, it will probably result in more problems like dental abscesses, gum diseases, and dental caries.

The treatment for tooth decay depends mostly on the extent of the decay. If tooth decay is still at its early stages, the good dentist in my area is likely to advise you on the level of sugar in your food and the number of times you take meals.

He/she may apply the paste, varnish, or fluoride gel, which will help to strengthen and protect your teeth. These treatments can strengthen your enamel, thus making your teeth highly resistant to acids due to plaques that cause tooth decay.

Your local dentist can also recommend a crown or filling for you. This process requires the removal of dental decay, providing local anesthetic for tooth numbing, and filling the hole.

However, if the extent of the tooth decay is on the high side, and it has spread out to your pulp area, you will need the root canal treatment.

Also, if the tooth is severely damaged and unrestorable, you will need an emergency tooth extraction near me. The top dentist near me can even replace your tooth partially with an implant, bridge, or denture.

Emergency Tooth Infection Treatment Near Me

Tooth infection is not a condition you can take lightly if you have experienced it before. If you do not visit the Emergency Dental Clinic Near Me immediately for an emergency tooth infection treatment, you are likely to face serious consequences. That is why you need to find the best dentist in my area at the Dental Spa In Houston, TX, for your emergency tooth infection treatment. You can call or email us to book an appointment at any time.


Emergency dental problems come at any time, and you must attend to them immediately. If you call your regular dentist and he/she is not available for one reason or the other, your best alternative is to go to the best emergency and walk-in dental clinic near you.

Urbn Dental offer urgent and emergency care for regular patients as well as walk in patients who are not on record. The patients receive treatments from professional dentists who are experts in providing emergency dental care.

For the patients who are regulars and on record, they only need to call the particular dentist who is in charge of their dental history directly. If the particular dentist in charge of your case is not available, you will be given a number to call that will direct you to the appropriate emergency treatment.

As for the urgent and walk-in patients, our emergency and walk-in dental clinic are always open from Monday to Saturday. The doors of our practice open immediately; it is 8’oclock a.m, and patients are assisted on a first-come, first-served basis. Patients are advised to come as early as possible so that they can register in the time since our clinic often fills to the brim with emergency care patients.

Our fees are quite affordable, and you can even receive treatment even if you are not under any dental insurance plan.