Different medical specialists deal with different areas of the body. Similarly, when you are dealing with a dental problem, issues with your oral health, a dentist should be your first call. You should regularly visit your dentist to maintain oral health. However, sometimes you avoid a certain problem until the damage progresses, and the pain becomes unbearable. These situations, when you need immediate care, are referred to as a dental emergency. If you live in Houston and you encounter a problem on a weekend, holiday, or in the middle of the night or you want urgent dental care outside normal office hours; you go for emergency dental clinic in Houston.

In addition to getting services outside normal office hours, or looking for a dentist open on Saturday in Houston, how do you know what is a dental emergency or that you need urgent dental care. Well! Many conditions should be considered as a dental emergency, and you should not avoid seeing a dentist at that time because sometimes a dental emergency can be an indication of a serious underlying problem. A dental emergency includes an intense pain or discomfort associated with bleeding gums or a fractured tooth. Similarly, toothaches or bad breath that are usually not considered to be an emergency can be a sign of infection in gums.

When you find yourself in a emergency dental clinic Houston, is the best place to go because we carefully study conditions and symptoms to rule out the cause of dental emergency and treat it well.

How to see a dentist in an emergency dental clinic?

Dental emergencies don’t wait for anyone, and you may find yourself in a dental emergency anywhere or anytime. A dental emergency doesn’t see whether it is day time or night time, you can be faced by one while exercising in a gym, climbing up or down the stairs or playing sports. It can come anytime and in any form, such as fractured or knocked out tooth, bleeding, or severe unbearable pain.

When you require urgent dental care, you don’t want yourself to be involved in searching for an emergency dental clinic, or a weekend dentist in Houston. Moreover, you don’t want to wait to make an appointment first. Considering all these factors, you must know what emergency dental clinic can accept last-minute emergency appointment or a dentist that take walk-ins. Moreover, the American Dental Association ADA provides an online tool. Using the ADA’s online tool, you can find a certified dentist near you.

Moreover, you don’t have to look anywhere else because the URBN Dental clinic, Houston, TX, offers you the best possible dental care with the latest technology and techniques. Don’t wait any longer and call right away at (346) 233-1126.

How do dentists clean teeth?

Despite cleaning and flossing your teeth regularly, some food particles get stuck between teeth or in places that you can’t reach. These food particles are the culprits that turn into tartar and plaque and lead to bacterial infections. That is why you need to get your teeth clean by dentists now and then.

Many people are afraid of the noises, prodding, and jaw discomfort that one faces during the process of teeth cleaning. However, most people find the procedure simple and painless. Moreover, it gets easier when you know what a dentist is going to do with your teeth during the process.

  •       One of the initial steps of any procedure is a physical exam. Similarly, your teeth need to be checked thoroughly before starting the cleaning process. A hygienist does teeth cleaning; however, if dental hygienist finds any signs of inflamed gums or there are other potential concerns, the condition is then consulted with the dentist.
  •       The next step is to remove tartar and plaque. Using a smaller mirror to guide and a scaler to clean, the dental hygienist scales away tartar and plaque. You should brush and flosses regularly because it stops plaque from building up into tartar.
  •       The dental hygienist then brushes your teeth with toothpaste and a high powered electric brush. It may sound scary, but it is a great way to deep clean your teeth and remove any tartar left behind. You may be wondering what that toothpaste tastes like. Well! It tastes like regular toothpaste; however, you can choose between flavors if that service is available.
  •       The expert flossing is then what you need next. It removes any leftover toothpaste or plaque.
  •       In the next step of rinsing, your dental hygienist will give you a rinse containing liquid fluoride to rinse your mouth.
  •       The last step is a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth and help them fight against cavities for months.


Why is it necessary to visit a dentist?

Oral health is very important. You should go for a regular dental checkup because dentists help you keep your gums and teeth healthy and because a dentist detects plaques, tartar, and cavities, gum disease, etc. You should visit your dentist at least every six months or as your dental professional recommends you.

What is the best dentist office in Houston?

Finding a emergency dental clinic that is easy to access and where you can get all the dental services is very important. And if your emergency dental clinic provides emergency services along with routine checkups, that would be great because then you don’t have to hunt for emergency dental care Houston, TX. Moreover, a emergency dental clinic should have a highly qualified and skilled team that can provide a wide range of services with optimal care and dedication.

URBN Dental clinic that is located in Houston, TX, is one of the best emergency dental clinic that provide not only regular treatments but also urgent dental care. We understand the importance of using up-to-date technology to offer our clients the best services at the current time. Therefore, our team uses the latest dental technology and techniques to minimize side effects and make sure that the treatment you receive has effective results.


As we all know that oral health is very important, but not many of us visit the dentist every six months as it is recommended. But it is one of the most important appointments that one should not miss. If you are accustomed to skipping dental checkups because of dental anxiety, time, cost, or any other reason, make sure you are considering its risks as well. Not paying attention to your teeth, gums, and not going for a professional checkup may lead you to a serious problem that will cost more money, more time, and more pain. Moreover, such a dental emergency requires immediate treatment.

Since you don’t often visit a dentist, you never know which dentist provides the best treatment and who to look forward to in time of an emergency. Some even don’t know what should be considered as a dental emergency. Situations such as a broken tooth, fractures, or soft tissue injuries are considered as dental emergencies when you need immediate dental care. Many emergency dental clinics are providing their dental services, but you must go to a emergency dental clinic that uses up to date technology and techniques, takes care of hygiene, and provide optimal treatment with care and dedication. Considering all this, you can blindly trust the URBN Dental clinic, Houston, TX. Call at (346)233-1126 and book your appointment