Where can I find emergency dental care near me?

If you’re looking for “emergency dental care near me,” you’ll probably find lots of reliable dental clinics near your location. Google provides a wide list of reliable dental clinics with their ratings and distance from your location. You can arrange the dental clinics according to their proximity from your current location or their ratings — user ratings are one of the best means of assessing the dental clinic’s qualities.

If you’re looking for “affordable emergency dental care near me” from Texas, you’ll probably find URBN Dental Uptown at the top of the list. Located at 2400 Mid Ln #350, URBN Dental is one of the top-rated emergency dental clinics in Houston, TX, with unanimous 5-star ratings and rave reviews from all patients. The dental clinic is also incredibly accessible, located close to various prominent landmarks, such as the Memorial Park, Houston Zoo, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

URBN Dental Uptown has stellar reviews from patients. One of our recent patients said, “Great experience with the team! I’m a travel nurse, and I’ve been to different dental offices in different states, and this is by far my favorite. It’s clean, COVID-compliant, the staff are very friendly, they’re up to date with technology, and they explain the process very well, so I’m never wondering what’s going on. Overall, I’m happy with their service, and my teeth are very satisfied! 5 stars for sure!”

What is an emergency root canal treatment?

A root canal is a common dental procedure wherein your tooth is hollowed out, the infected pulp tissues and nerves are removed, and the hollow canal is filled with a dental sealant. This is usually done when you have a severe dental infection or cavity that goes beyond the enamel. In most cases, root canals can be avoided if you go for regular dental cleanings and fill out your cavities promptly. However, if you don’t detect the cavities promptly (they don’t cause any pain or discomfort initially), they’ll eventually burrow deeper into your pulp tissues, necessitating a root canal treatment.

An emergency root canal refers to a procedure wherein you need a root canal instantly to prevent severe infections and protect your teeth from complete decay. It’s a last-resort option to save a tooth from complete decay, which would necessitate tooth extraction. You need an emergency root canal if you have severely decayed teeth, repeated traumatic dental work, serious dental injuries, or severely cracked teeth. These are some of the situations necessitating an emergency root canal treatment. The signs you need an emergency root canal include unbearable toothaches, pus coming from the teeth, severely damaged teeth, and teeth discoloration.

During your emergency root canal treatment, the dentist will take x-rays to examine the infected teeth and curate the ideal treatment plan. The regions around the infected tooth will be numbed using local anesthesia to ensure optimal comfort. The dentist will place a dental dam around your tooth to prevent saliva from interfering. Next, the dentist will drill an access hole into the affected tooth and remove all the infected pulp tissues, nerves, and other components. Once the tooth is hollowed out, the dentist will flush away all the remaining debris using a liquid solution. The dentist will seal the tooth with dental cement, apply a disinfectant, and place a temporary crown over the tooth. In the next session, you’ll receive a permanent crown.

What should you do if you chip or break your tooth?

If you chip or break your tooth, you must rinse your mouth with warm water and apply pressure on the bleeding areas with an antiseptic gauze. You can place an ice pack on your cheeks to reduce swelling. If the pain is intolerable, you can take a painkiller, such as Tylenol, to reduce the pain and discomfort. You should also collect all the fragments of the broken tooth, rinse them clean, and place them in an airtight container with saltwater or saliva. Take the broken tooth fragments to your dentist. In some cases, the broken tooth can be saved or restored, and in other cases, the tooth has to be replaced.

Can a loose crown be repaired?

Loose crowns can often be repaired by your dentist if the crown is still healthy and undamaged. Crowns often fall out if the dental cement used wears off, in which case the crown can be reattached. However, if your crown has failed because of damages or underlying infections, you may need a new crown. The dentist will examine the crown, run x-rays, and examine the underlying tooth to determine if you need additional treatments and if the crown is salvageable.

What happens if you don’t treat your loose dental implant?

If you have a loose implant, there’s a strong chance that the screw has loosened. This is a dental emergency, and you must contact your emergency dentist in Houston, TX. If the screw loosens completely, it can damage the surrounding gum tissues and cause gingival infections. You must contact an emergency dentist in Houston to restore the implant or replace it with a new implant. Your dentist will assess the damage and determine the ideal course of action.

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Determining if you truly need emergency dental care is pretty challenging. Interpreting the signs of dental emergencies can be hard, and distinguishing between non-emergencies requiring urgent care in a few days or weeks and true emergencies (requiring immediate attention) is even harder. However, if you’re uncertain about your dental situation, you can call URBN Dental Uptown at +1 346-512-4902.

Our emergency dental care team will discuss your situation, advise you on the ideal management tips, and let you know if you need immediate care. If you truly have a dental emergency, you’ll be asked to have someone drive you to the clinic immediately. If you don’t have a dental emergency, you’ll be asked to schedule an appointment at the next available slot.