Finding affordable emergency dental clinics and emergency dentist in Houston, TX.

Are you looking for affordable emergency dental clinics and emergency dentist in Houston, TX? We can’t predict when we may need an emergency dental service in Houston, TX. You may break your tooth because of an accident or a sporting injury. Or your gums may start bleeding. If you suffer from dental emergencies, you need to immediately contact an emergency dental clinic, especially because a delay in treatment can have adverse consequences. For example, the chances of reattaching a knocked-out tooth significantly decrease after an hour.

However, most of us start picnicking when there’s a dental emergency because we don’t know how to handle the situation or whom to contact. You must be prepared for such an eventuality, and you must find an emergency dentist in Houston. The following are some of the factors to consider when looking for affordable emergency dental clinics or emergency dentist in Houston, TX:

  1. Find some of the closest emergency dentist in Houston — emergency dentist that you can visit within 30 minutes or an hour. When dental emergencies occur, you don’t have the time to travel long distances, so you must find someone accessible.
  2. The emergency dentist should ideally have 5-star ratings and reviews from their patients — you can go through their online reviews, track record, and patient testimonials.
  3. All dental clinics are open in specific hours. However, emergency dentist provides numbers that you can contact during dental emergencies. Furthermore, emergency dental clinics should also accept walk-in appointments during emergencies, and they should ideally be open on Saturdays.
  4. Emergency dentist should be highly-trained and well-educated, with a perfect track record.
  5. You should find emergency dental clinics that provide the latest dental treatments and technologies. They should be equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies that facilitate safe and effective treatments.
  6. Emergency dental clinics should also be dedicated to safe and ethical dental treatments. As such, you should favor dental clinics that use BPA-free dental fillings and products. BPA is a chemical compound used to harden plastic and dental products. Even though it’s used in trace amounts, recent studies have shown that BPA may lead to behavioral development problems in children and infants. As such, you should find emergency dentist who avoid BPA products.
  7. Emergency dental services can be pretty expensive without insurance coverage. As such, you should find emergency dentist who accept all major insurance plans. Better yet, you should find an in-network dentist near your location.
  8. Finally, you should look for kind, friendly, and compassionate emergency dentist in Houston, TX — those who patiently examine your problems to recommend the best treatments.

When do you need an emergency dental service in Houston, TX?

It’s important to distinguish between an actual dental emergency and a standard dental problem. If you contact emergency dentist “after hours,” it should be for an actual dental emergency. However, most people can’t distinguish between regular dental problems and dental emergencies.

Dental emergencies are situations when you experience excessive pain, excessive bleeding, or problems that will worsen without immediate treatment. If you can wait a few hours, you’re not suffering from a dental emergency, and you can schedule an appointment with the dental clinic’s standard hours.

The following are some of the most common dental emergencies:

  • Severe and persistent toothaches that last over 24 hours, especially if they’re accompanied by swelling and a fever.
  • Broken or fragmented teeth.
  • Knocked-out tooth, i.e., when your entire tooth is knocked out of your mouth due to dental injury or dental trauma.
  • Signs of a dental abscess, such as bleeding gums, swollen gums, pus around the gums, etc.
  • Excessive bleeding from the mouth.
  • Any other problem that requires immediate attention or may cause irreversible damages if left untreated.

The following are NOT dental emergencies but commonly assumed to be:

  • Hairline fractures or craze lines on the teeth.
  • Slightly chipped teeth, i.e., if the dental fracture doesn’t extend under the gum line or below the enamel.
  • Mildly bleeding lips or soft tissues.
  • Mild toothaches.
  • Lost crowns and fillings.
  • Broken dental braces.

Are you unsure if you need an emergency dental service? If so, you can contact your emergency dentist and calmly inform them about the situation. If you have a dental emergency, the emergency dentist will probably ask you to immediately get to their dental clinic. If not, the emergency dentist may tell you how to handle the situation and ask you to come over during regular dental clinic hours.

What are the signs your dental implant is loose?

The following are some of the signs of a loosened dental implant:

  • You can feel the dental implant moving around.
  • Pain under the dental implant.
  • Discoloration in the region.
  • Bleeding gums around the implant.
  • Visible loss of bone structure around the implant.

Can your dental implant be saved?

If there’s an infection around the dental implant, you must contact your emergency dentist as soon as possible. The dental implant can be saved if the infection is detected and treated early. However, if your dental implant has already become loose because of the infection, it may be too late to save the dental implant. In that case, the dental implant will have to be removed, the area will have to be treated, and the emergency dentist will discuss future treatment options.

What you should do for a lost filling or crown?

If your filling or crown falls out, you should keep it safely in an airtight container. If it isn’t severely damaged, the dentist may reattach it, and you won’t need a new crown. However, in most cases, you will probably need a new dental filling or crown. Contact your dentist, explain the situation, and schedule an appointment with the dental clinic. This isn’t an emergency, so you don’t need an immediate appointment.

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