Most times, injuries or dental issues arise out of the blue and confuses you. It may be at midnight while you are sleeping and wake up due to severe dental pain. You may even fall on your face while climbing a flight of stairs and accidentally injure your teeth. Your dental emergency may even arise during the weekend when your regular dentist is not available. In this situation, the best thing for you to do is to look for the best Emergency Dental Clinic near you.

Anyone experiencing a dental emergency is always confused about what to do and where to go to get the best dental services. Most especially, if you’re regular dental clinics are not available, and your symptoms are severe. Although it is not always easy to make a choice between emergency dental care and urgent dental when you need emergency services, you need to know the difference between the two.

That is how you can know the appropriate place to seek treatment in an emergency to save your dental health. It is not always easy to differentiate between emergency services and urgent dental services. Most especially, since either of them implies that there is a dental need that needs immediate attention. However, where emergency services and urgent dental services differ is the level or rate of dental services provided in each.


How to find Emergency Dental treatment Center?

Knowing the injuries and dental issues that need emergency dental care is vital since that is the best way to ensure your family’s oral health. Moreover, you don’t need to make unnecessary journeys to the ER.

Dental emergencies or accidents happen all the time, and most times, it occurs at night or over the weekend.  Some of these injuries may require emergency dental care, while some can be delayed until your next dentist appointment.

Some of the common dental injuries include; knocked-out, broken, or cracked teeth due to a fall, biting down too hard on strong foods, or accidents. Depending on the tooth location and the severity of the injury, you can wait for your regular dentist appointment or visit an emergency dental clinic near you.

Urbn Dental provides same-day urgent dental care with the help of our walk-in-dentist and emergency dentist. If you are experiencing a dental emergency and need urgent dental care, you can drop in at our walk-in dentist near me for your emergency services.


Where do I get emergency Dental Care services?

The next question anybody who is experiencing severe pains in the gums or has an accident is; where do I get emergency dental care? It is understandable if you have so many questions. However, the most important factor in any dental emergency is to locate the best Emergency dental clinic or the emergency dentist near me.

Having a dentist office near me available is vital whenever you are experiencing a dental emergency. That is a qualified dentist who can handle your dental health problems and ensure your safety.

It doesn’t matter whether you are keeping a regular dentist appointment or you need a walk-in dentist near me, the important thing is to have a reliable emergency dentist that can take care of your oral health.

In answer to your question, the best place you can get emergency dental care services is at the emergency dental clinic near you. Urbn Dental is equipped with the best emergency dentist who are qualified to provide urgent dental care anytime and any day you need dental services.

The dentist open on Saturday near me at Urbn Dental can provide emergency services as well as other dental services such as;

  •   Knocked out tooth
  •   Tooth loss
  •   Cracked tooth
  •   Lost crown or filling
  •   Broken or chipped teeth
  •   Toothaches
  •   Broken or loose braces
  •   Tongue/ gums/ cheeks injuries that are bleeding

According to a recent study, more than 35,000 individuals succumb to oral cancer annually. However, if the dental issues are detected earlier, such problems can be avoided. That is why; the dentist’s office near me is the perfect place to go to get emergency dental care.


I have a Dental Emergency. What should I do?

If you are experiencing any form of dental emergency which requires urgent dental care, you don’t need to panic. Although most of the dental emergencies people experience are not always life-threatening, you still need to make your dentist appointment ASAP.

If it so happens that your regular dentist is not available due to unavoidable reasons, you should try to help yourself with normal dental first aid and take yourself to the nearest Emergency Dental Clinic.

Whatever the dental issue may be, it is still the emergency dentist who can give you the appropriate diagnosis.


How to manage a Dental Emergency?

When you are of the habit of recording past dental health history, you will probably have a clear indication before any dental emergency occurs. Even, you can gain a clear insight into the occurrence during, before, or after the dental procedure.

As a result, you can be properly prepared for the dental emergency when you check the patient’s past record and also consult his/her regular dentist if it is necessary.

Furthermore, the emergency dentist should be prepared and ready at all times. You must have great knowledge of the symptoms and signs of a patient’s reaction, although that needs practice since all the patients are not the same. Also, the approach to each patient’s dental emergency should be different. For instance, a breathless patient, but he/she is showing hyperventilation signs, you dare not administer oxygen to the patient.

If the emergency dentist mistakenly misdiagnoses the situation, it is likely to cause a tremendous loss. That is why; every emergency dentist or walk-in dentist should be well prepared to manage emergency issues. The level of the dentist’s treatment needs maximum preparation, management, as well as prevention if necessary.

That is why; an emergency dentist should always be equipped with;

  •   Oxygen
  •   Epinephrine
  •   Nitroglycerin
  •   Injectable Antihistamine
  •   Salbutamol or Albuterol
  •   Aspirin
  •   Oral Carbohydrate
  •   Corticosteroid
  •   Morphine
  •   Naloxone

Even though you have these drugs available, you should also have certain basic equipment ready. For instance, you will need a stethoscope, oxygen delivery kit, blood pressure set, needles, and syringes. You should also consider getting an automated external defibrillator.


The Dentist Office Near Me

Are you experiencing any emergency dental problems and require urgent dental care? Quickly drop in at Urbn Dental, the Emergency Dental Clinic near you. You only need to dial or email us to benefit from our emergency dental care.



Dental emergencies can happen at any time, and it will never give you a signal that it is coming. No matter whether your dental emergency is caused by accident, biting down hard on a strong food, or mouth injuries, the fact remains that you will need immediate attention.

The most important thing in an emergency is to see the dentist immediately because if you neglect to treat your dental emergency, it is likely to cause serious complications.

When these dental issues arise out of the blue, most people are faced with the uncertainty of where to go. They may be contemplating going for emergency services or for urgent care services, especially if what they are experiencing is quite severe, and their regular dentist is not available.

It is not always easy to know the difference between urgent and emergency dental care since both of the terms show that there is a dental need that requires immediate attention.

But then, the difference between them, which is significant, is the level and extent of care emergency rooms and the standard urgent care services are ready to provide.

Urgent care services or walk-in dental offices close the important gap when your regular dentist isn’t available, or you cannot wait to make a proper dentist appointment.

On the other hand, emergency dental care services provide emergency dental care at all times, be it in the night or daytime. Moreover, unlike urgent care services, emergency dental clinics have better staff and equipment to handle critical or complicated cases.

For more information about emergency services and urgent care, drop-in at Urbn Dental. You will know everything you need to know.