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What are the First Stage of Tooth Decay?

Want to know first stage of tooth decay? Among the major conditions that result in tooth pain is tooth decay. Tooth decay commences when your enamel starts breaking down and builds a pocket of decay on your teeth surface.

The causative agent of tooth decay is acidic damage on the tooth structure. This acidic damage is built by the bacteria that reside in plaque. That is the sticky, filmy substance which is a residue of protein in the saliva as a result of sugary foods metabolism in the mouth.

The following conditions can help you understand and identify the tooth decay stages.

  •       First Stage: White Spots

Stage one of tooth decay commences when you notice white chalk-like parts on your tooth surface. Their appearance means that there is calcium deficiency as well as plaque build-up. As a result, the bacteria which resides in the plaque starts to metabolize sugar left by consumed food.

Due to this acid buildup, your tooth enamel begins to deteriorate. This process is known as tooth surface demineralization. With proper treatment, the dentists in Houston can apply restorative dentistry to reverse tooth decay.

  •       Second Stage: Enamel Decay

The stage two of tooth decay is when the enamel begins breaking down under the surface of the tooth. When this happens, it means that the process of natural mineralization is no longer able to restore the appropriate minerals and enamel. If this decay continues, the tooth surface is likely to break which will need your visit to the dental emergency clinic Houston.

  •       Third stage: Dentin Decay

The decay of the dentin announces the third stage of tooth decay. If you neglect to go for dental care at this stage, the acids and bacteria will go on dissolving your enamel. Moreover, you will be facing the risk of the lesion extending to the dentin. Immediately the tooth decay extends to the dentin, you will begin to experience intense pains and the infected tooth will release sharp unbearable pains. If not arrested immediately, it may lead to a cavity that will require the restorative dentistry procedure for a dental filling.

  •       Fourth stage: Pulp involvement

The pulp is regarded as the tooth center. It comprises living cells and tissues called odontoblasts. If the pulp of any tooth becomes infected by bacteria, there will be a formation of pus which will indirectly kill off the nerves and blood vessels within the tooth. This condition is called toothache and it leads to constant pain and the best remedy known in general dentistry is the root canal treatment.

  •       Fifth Stage: Abscess Formation

The last stage of tooth decay is when abscess form on your tooth and even the best dentist in Houston can tell you that it is most painful. You are likely to need extra dental care and oral surgery at this stage or face the risks of other diseases speech issues.

  •       Sixth Stage: Tooth Loss

When you neglect to treat any stage of your tooth decay, you are likely to lose the teeth and require tooth extraction.


How to treat Yellow plaque on my teeth?

The color and condition of your teeth may occur gradually and in a subtle manner. You are likely to notice a yellow color on your teeth. A person’s teeth may become darker or yellow as you age when the enamel surface wears away thus exposing the underneath yellow dentin. Teeth yellowing is inevitable so the best thing to do is look for the best way to remedy it. They are as follows;

  •       Brush your teeth as often as you can
  •       You can apply the paste, hydrogen peroxide, or baking soda
  •       Applying coconut oil to pull it
  •       Using cider vinegar to whiten the teeth
  •       Apply banana, orange, or lemon peels
  •       Activated charcoal also comes in handy
  •       Eating vegetables and fruits that is high in water content


Why is it necessary to visit a Dentist?

Making regular visits to the dentist near me no insurance is essential if you want to receive the best dental care. That is why; the American Dental Association recommends it at least two times a year.

When you neglect a visit to your dentist, you are likely to increase your chances of contracting gingivitis as well as other diseases of the gums. That is when you will begin to experience bleeding and irritations of your gums. When you give chances to disease to live in your mouth, you are increasing the risk of tooth loss as well as other serious problems. Therefore, as an uptown dental care provider, I will advise you to visit the dentist near me with no insurance.


Can I get sparkling white teeth?

Of course, there are many ways you can get sparkling white teeth. The cosmetic dentist in Houston dental can use the cutting edge cosmetic dentistry to give you veneers teeth whitening. Apart from the best dentist in Houston can offer you in their dental office, you can also apply certain natural remedies for teeth whitening. For instance; you can apply baking soda since it is generally known in general dentistry as the natural tooth whitener. It is a result of the compound’s oxidizing properties which is available in most toothpaste.

Using this compound with your toothbrush will never harm your teeth in any way instead; it can whiten it in the long run.


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