What is The Best Teeth Guard for Night Grinding?

If you are suffering from Tooth Grinding and asked to wear a Dental Night Guard, you will definitely ask questions. You will probably want to know how the mouth guard for teeth grinding actually works. Not only that, but you will also want to know whether the mouth guard can protect your teeth at night or not. Some people even fear the sleeping mouth guard because it is a plastic device.


They have doubts that it may not repair the damage caused by teeth clenching. Also, they think that it cannot provide relief for their tooth enamel. The truth of the matter is that dentex dental guard is known to be very helpful devices. They can protect your teeth from having dental impressions.


Also, teeth grinding guard protects your teeth from the damages caused by the grinding forces at night. One thing you need to know about this occlusal guard is that its purpose is to function as a bite guard. Any dental mouth guard that is effective will stop the constant grinding of your teeth at night from wounding your tooth enamel more. What the sports mouth guard does is to disperse and absorb the force from grinding teeth while boxing.


Likewise, the night guard does it for grinding teeth at night. Placing this barrier between your tooth enamel can help to relieve any jaw tension. Thus; it prevents your jaw from clenching too hard.


A dental mouth guard may not stop you from clenching or grinding your teeth. However, the best mouth guard can protect your tooth enamel. The reason is that what causes people to grind their teeth or tooth clenching are as a result of some underlying condition. That is why; you should contact Dentist Houston Tx immediately you find out that you are suffering from this tooth grinding malady.


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What is Invisalign Teeth Grinding Protection Guard?


This malady of teeth grinding is a chronic and troublesome condition. Thus; you will need a fitted mouth guard to help you combat its symptoms. Also, there is a need for you to protect your teeth from it. That is the work of invisalign teeth grinding protection guard.


It can help you to protect your beautiful smile from tooth grinding. Also, invisalign can help to align your teeth by eliminating any dental impression caused by Bruxism. With the help of this procedure, those suffering from teeth clenching can now enjoy a perfect bite. Additionally, all the symptoms and side effects of tooth grinding will be alleviated.


Of course it is at Dentist Houston Tx the best Dental Clinic in Montrose where you can get the best treatment. Immediately you book an appointment with us online, contact us through our email or through our; you will get the best dental night guard.


How Often Should I Replace My Night Guard for Teeth Grinding?


Knowing fully that your mouth guard for grinding is something you bite on every other night, they will eventually suffer wear and tear. You may not be aware that you unconsciously put about 250 pounds worth of pressure or more on your molars each night. Thus; even the best mouth guard will need replacement sometime. Therefore if you want to know how often you can replace your night guard, check out the following;

  •   If you find out any tear or crack on your mouth guard.
  •   When your dental guard started fraying.
  •   If the shape of your sleeping mouth guard is deformed
  •   When your night guard for teeth doesn’t cover your teeth chewing surface.


As often as you notice these defects on your fitted mouth guard, that is how often you need to replace it. Since the mouth guard can no longer serve you at its full capacity of sustaining the pressure from clenching and grinding.


Will a Hard Night Guard Wear Off Teeth When Grind?


For a hard night guard to wear off your teeth when grinding, it depends on the particular mouth guard for teeth grinding you are using. If you wear a fit- all night guard for tmj which you bought from retailers like Amazon, Walgreens, or CVS, it may occur. However, if you go to the Dental Clinic in Montrose at Dentist Houston Tx, you will get a fitted mouth guard. At least this custom mouth guard will never wear off teeth when grind.


How much is a Custom Fit Mouth Guard?


The price of the Custom mouth guard depends on the type you are ready to purchase. For instance, there are three types which are;

  •   The in-office type and
  •   The lab fabricated type
  •   Boil-and-bite version


The boil-and-bite version may reach up to $20. In-office occlusal guard may cost you about $200 while the lab fabricated version may reach up to $517. The in-office night guard is produced without using a dental impression. Moreover, it only requires one visit. On the other hand, the lab fabricated version will need a dental impression and can take about two weeks for you to come back. Boil-an-bite can be gotten easily from your nearby dental shop or online. However, the prices may differ according to your clinical condition, geographical location, and dentist.


 What is the Treatment for Teeth Grinding for Adults?


Wearing a night guard is a good way of treating teeth grinding in adults. If your teeth grinding is as a result of stress, you can ask your dentist to recommend ways you can avoid it. For instance; getting a prescription for muscle relaxants, physical therapy, and exercising can help in the treatment.


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