Dental Insurance and Payments

Dental insurance can be a nightmare for some people, especially when it comes to seeking benefits. Talking to dental insurance companies can often send you down a rabbit’s hole and you often come out the other end more confused than ever, without having had your primary concerns answered. It’s challenging to find out exactly which dental treatments are covered, by which dental plans, and by how much.


At URBN Dental, we don’t want you stressing out about the dental insurance plans and coverage. We want you to be completely comfortable, both physically and emotionally. That’s why we take the burden of handling the details of your dental insurance and payment plans so you can simply relax.


URBN Dental is also covered by all the major delta dental PPO plan providers so we’re confident we can get you the best insurance coverage possible. When you first step into the URBN Dental clinic, our team will collect your dental insurance information. They will file for dental insurance, track the details, get all necessary information, and ensure that they get you the best possible coverage. We can help make sure that you have to pay the least possible amount out of your own pockets.


Moving into a dental procedure without a complete idea of the costs can be harrowing. That’s why we give you a complete breakdown of all the costs involved and the bottom line before you step into the chamber for treatment. As such, when you go for the dental procedure, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay any more than you’ve been told. There will be no last-minute surprises.


When you visit our URBN Dental Houston clinic, please bring your dental insurance card as well. This will allow us to update your records and process all of the information quickly so we don’t take up too much of your time. Once the dental insurances have been taken care of, we can move on to give you the best smile of your life!


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Affordable Dental Care

URBN Dental is committed to providing you the best and most affordable dental care possible. We don’t just accept all major dental insurances, but we’re also cash and card friendly. If you pay out your balance in full, we also provide cash discounts, as an incentive to making complete payments. It’s generally better to clear out your entire bill in full because you don’t have to worry about the consecutive payment cycles and you can avail of the cash discount. Clearing balances in full can be a massive financial advantage to you.

URBN Dental is also associated with some of the country’s finest dental clinics and laboratories, ones that are used by celebrities and other public personalities. This allows us to give you some of the best dental products possible, be it veneers, crowns, retainers, or any other. All of our dental products are made in the US and they’re available in highly competitive prices. We help you get the best possible dental treatments at the most reasonable rates.

We are also driven by the belief that premium-quality BPA-free fillings and dental products are your right, not a privilege. That’s why we unanimously use the best quality products and don’t charge any extra for superior products. All of our patients are treated the same, i.e., they’re all treated to the very best.

At URBN Dental, we also create a complete breakdown of the costs of your dental treatment before you step in for the procedure. We include the cost of consultation, treatment, anesthesia, recovery, painkillers, prescription drugs, and anything else. We include the cost both with and without dental insurance. This allows you to figure out what you’re getting into and then proceed with the dental treatment without qualms.

Dental Plans and Financing Options

We believe dental treatments should be completely accessible to every member of society, which is why we provide thorough dental insurance coverage. Before the procedure, we create a thorough breakdown of the costs of the treatment and the insurance plans. We also extract the best coverage from your insurance providers to reduce the cost of treatment as much as possible. As such, you’ll know exactly what you’ll have to pay, how, and when before the actual treatment.


We also offer different financing plans to help you clear your payments. Our in-house financing team can distribute the cost of the treatment across several installments so you can gradually clear the bill at your own pace.


Second, we’re also open to CareCredit financing option. This is a third-party option in which you can get a sort of credit card meant primarily for healthcare costs. These cards come with extensive payment options that you can avail to lower your burden or at least distribute it across several months so you can manage it better. CareCredit also has low and zero-interest plans, though you will have to qualify to gain those benefits. You can easily apply for CareCredit from their website.


As you can see, you have a lot of different financing options for your dental plans.

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Delta Dental PPO Plan

URBN Dental is associated with most of the major insurance providers out there. Under our delta dental PPO plan, we provide coverage from various insurance providers such as below:

Aarp Delta Dental Ppo
Advantica Dental Network
Aetna Dental Credentialing
Aetna Dental Ppo
Aetna Fedvip Dental
Ameritas Principal Ppo Dental Network
Argus Dental Network
Argus Dental Providers
Assurant Dental Ppo
Bcbs Il Dental
Bcbsil Dental
Bcbsil Dental Plans
Boulder Administration Services
Careington Benefit Solutions
Careington Benefit Solutions Dental
Careington Benefits Solutions
Careington Care Platinum Ppo
Careington Care Ppo
Careington International And Dentemax
Cigna Dental Ppo
Connection Dental Federal
Connection Dental Plus
Costco Delta Dental Ppo
Cypress Benefit Admin
Delta Dental Individual Ppo
Delta Dental Insurance Texas Ppo
Delta Dental Ppo
Delta Dental Ppo Plus Premier
Delta Dental Preferred Ppo
Delta Dental Premier
Delta Ppo Dental
Dental Guard Preferred
Dental Health Options By Health Resources Inc

Dentalguard Pref Nap
Dentalguard Preferred
Dentemax Always Care
Dentemax Credentialing
Dnoa (Dental Network Of America)
Dnoa Connect
Dominion Dental Kaiser
Dominion Dental Kaiser Dentist
Dominion Dental Kaiser Permanente
Equian Kaiser Permanente
Fedvip Metlife Dental
First Reliance Dental
Geha Connection Dental Plus
Geha Credentialing
Geha Dental Connection Plus
Geha Dental Plus
Guardian Dental Credentialing
Guardian Dental Ppo
Guardian Dentalguard Ppo
Guardian Dentalguard Preferred Select Ppo
Guardian Dentist Credentialing Application
Guardian Ppo
Guardian Ppo Premier
Healthcomp Inc
Humana Advantage Ppo
Humana Choice Care Ppo
Humana Choice Ppo
Humana Choice Regional Ppo
Humana Dental Fedvip
Humana Dental Ppo
Humana Ppo Providers
Kaiser Dominion Dental
Metlife Credentialing

Metlife Dental Fedvip
Metlife Dental Pdp Plus Ppo
Metlife Dental Ppo
Metlife Dental Tn
Metlife Fedvip
Nova Healthcare Houston
Nreca Umr
Pequot Plus
Pequot Plus Health Benefit Services
Principal Dental
Principal Dental Ppo
Principal Financial Dental Network
Principal Ppo Dental Insurance
Principal Ppo Dental Network
Reliance Standard Dental
Select Benefits Group
Shasta Administrative Services
Transwestern Insurance Administrators
Tristar Benefit Administrators
Tristar Benefits Administrators
Truassure Dental Providers
Uhc Choice Plus Ppo
Uhc Dental Ppo 30
Uhc Options Ppo
Uhc Ppo
Umr Nreca
Unicare Dental
Unicare Dental Ppo
Unicare Platinum Ppo
Unicare Ppo Dental Insurance
Unicare Ppo Providers
United Concordia Dental Ppo
United Concordia Dental Ppo Insurance
United Concordia Ppo
United Concordia Ppo Dental Providers
United Health Care Ppo Metlife Dental Credentialing

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As you can see,URBN Dental provides a wide range of dental insurances and coverage. For more information, please schedule an appointment and discuss your dental treatment and financing needs in person.