What Does An Occlusal Guard Do?

Occlusal guards are known as those detachable mouthguards designed to protect your teeth from wearing down due to teeth grinding and clenching. The patients are advised to wear these dental guards during the day if the dental condition is beyond normal.

Who Needs Occlusal Guards?

Anyone who wakes up without the feeling he/she just rested should consider getting an occlusal guard. Your restlessness may be as a result of teeth grinding at night. The feeling may be accompanied by a toothache or a headache. It can also come along with pains in the jaw joint. If experience this whenever you wake up from sleep, then you certainly need to visit a dentist near me for a checkup and of course, get an occlusal guard.

How Much Does an Occlusal Guard Cost

A good number of people who experience the symptoms associated with teeth grinding avoid getting an occlusal guard due to its occlusal guard cost. The actual night guard cost is between $300 and $500, usually without insurance.

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Invisalign Teeth Grinding

When grinding and clenching of the teeth is not handled, it can be very detrimental to both your oral health and your overall health. Not treating teeth grinding can result in both gum disease as well as tooth decay. Good enough, Invisalign can handle both cases. You can get the best treatment at Dentist Houston Tx when you call us on our phone lines, (Phone Lines). You can as well book an appointment with any of our orthodontists online or contact us via our email address, (Email).

FAQs about Occlusal Guard

Does Sleep Guard stop Night-Time Jaw Clenching?

More often than not, teeth grinding and clenching can be treated just by wearing a night mouth guard before going to bed. It does this by lightening up the tension around the jaw muscles. In turn, prevent pain in the face and jaw, as much as it protects the enamel of your teeth.


Do I really need a Night Guard for Bruxism?

The Houston night guards do not stop the teeth grinding; they only serve as a cushion for the teeth. So when you grind your teeth at night, the teeth wear down the night guards in place of your teeth. Therefore it is important to use a night guard for teeth grinding.


Will a Hard Night Guard wear off Teeth when Grind?

Nightguards are not designed to wear off your teeth when you grind them. The only reason you could feel uncomfortable with your night guard is simply that it isn’t a ‘fit-guard’ for your teeth. If your night guard fits your teeth properly, then you shouldn’t feel any discomfort at all.

If the pain persists, return to where you bought it and request for a fitted night guard. If you had bought it from a dentist, request a custom fit guard for your teeth. Also, know that a custom fit guard is more expensive than a ready-made guard.

How much is a Custom Fit Mouth Guard?

The cost of each custom-fit mouthguard ranges between $300 and $500. It’s a more expensive choice, as you will be paying for both the mouthguard itself and the work done by the dentists to take a mold of your teeth. The mouth guard alone could cost less than $200.

How does a Mouth Guard protect your Teeth?

The mouth guard functions as a cushion to jaw muscles and lightens the tension when you grind your teeth. The cushioning helps to relieve you of pains that may arise in the jaw and face and guards the enamel of the teeth.

Can I use Night Guards as Retainer?

It’s dependent on the type of night guard you intend to wear. Most times a soft night guard in place of a retainer will be of no importance. But it is not out of place to use a hard night guard in place of a retainer. We advise you to use retainers during the day or a couple of nights for a week to ensure your teeth are firm.

Can Teeth Clenching cause my Sore Gums?

If every time you wake up and see that you have sore gums and jaw muscles, then you certainly are suffering from teeth grinding and clenching. Teeth grinding and clenching also cause temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD), surrounding gum tissue and bone destruction.

How to clean a Night Guard?

It doesn’t stop at just having a nightguard; you must also know how to take good care of it. Below are some tips you can employ to care for your night guard.

Hydrogen Peroxide

With the use of 3% hydrogen peroxide, you can disinfect your night guard. Soak or flush the night guard with this solution for at most 10 minutes and not more than 10 minutes.


With a soft, non-abrasive toothbrush, brush the night guard and rinse it afterward.

Mouth guard Cleaners

With non-alcoholic mouth cleaners, sanitize the night guard regularly with just one soak.

Soap and Water

You can wash your night guard simply by using soap and water to keep bacteria away from it.


How to prevent Bruxism?

You can use these methods to handle teeth grinding and clenching:

Wear a mouth guard for teeth grinding

One of the common teeth grinding causes is stress. So it is important to take some time to work out, as exercise helps to reduce stress.

We advise you to take a warm bath before going to bed at night.

  •       Take some reasonable time to relax
  •       Go for some massaging session at times
  •       Abstain from caffeine and alcoholic substances
  •       Try imbibing new habits
  •       Get help and advice from your dentist.


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