Night Guard For Teeth Grinding

The pro teeth guard is a dental guard used to protect the teeth of people suffering from night guard for teeth grinding. Nighttime teeth grinding is also regarded as one of the sleep disorders. There are two major kinds of dental guards; the dental mouth guard and mouth splint. A dental mouth guard is made either from rubber or plastic material by your dentist in a way to fit into your mouth. These night guard for teeth grinding are similar to the ones used by boxers. It is not out of place to get these dental guards from a local pharmacist; it just might not fit into your mouth as the custom fit dental guards would. We provide the best pro teeth guards at Dentist office Houston TX, here in Tanglewood. You can get in touch with any of our professional dentists when booking an appointment online.

How Does A Mouth Guard Protect Your Teeth?

A mouth guard serves as a layer that is cushioned between the upper and lower teeth as a source of protection for the jaw muscles in case of extreme tension. Aside the preventing the symptoms of nighttime teeth grinding, the dental guard assists in the reduction of your teeth grinding and clenching.

How Much Is A Custom Fit Guard?

The cost of each custom dental guard ranges between $300 and $500. It’s a more expensive choice, as you will be paying for both the dental guard itself and the work done by the dentists to take a mold of your teeth. The dental mouth guard alone could cost less than $200.

How And Where Do You Get A Mouth Guard?

You can get the most quality mouth guards at Dentist Houston Tx – the very best dental clinic in Tanglewood. You can contact us through our phone lines, email address, or simply book an appointment with any of our cosmetic dentists online.

Why Did My Dentist Prescribe A Night Guard?

It is bad enough to grind your teeth at night, finally waking up to see damaged teeth, a sore jaw, and feeling a headache. Your dentist may prescribe a night guard for you so it can prevent the detrimental effects of teeth grinding.

Do Night Guards Shift Your Teeth?

It is possible to experience some difficulties with your night guard such as its involuntary removal, misalignment with your teeth, etc. That is one reason why a custom dental guard is preferable to regular mouth guards.

Invisalign Teeth Grinding

When nighttime teeth grinding is not handled, it can be very detrimental to both your oral health and your overall health. Not treating teeth clenching can result in both gum disease as well as tooth decay. Good enough, Invisalign can handle both cases. You can get the best treatment at Dentist Houston Tx when you call us on our phone lines, (Phone Lines). You can as well book an appointment with any of our orthodontists online or contact us via our email address, (Email).

Protection Guard

The function of a protection guard is to absorb the impact effect around the area of the mouth, so it does not affect the teeth. It is usually designed to guard the upper teeth; however, the dental guard gives protection to the entire area of the mouth. According to the ADA, when there is a force of impact on the face, the mouth guard sends the force throughout the face region, so no much injury is sustained.

FAQs about Dental Guard

Does Sleep Guard stop Night Time Jaw Clenching?

More often than not, nighttime teeth grinding can be treated just by wearing a night guard before going to bed. It does this by lightening up the tension around your jaw muscles. In turn, prevent pain in your face and jaw, as much as it protects your tooth enamel.

Do I really need a Night Guard for Bruxism?

The night guards do not stop your nighttime teeth grinding; they only serve as a cushion for your teeth. So when you grind your teeth at night, your teeth wear down the night guards in place of your teeth. Therefore it is important to use a night guard for nighttime teeth grinding.

How often should I replace my Night Guard for Teeth Grinding?

The generally accepted rule for replacing night guards for teeth grinding is that they will need to be replaced after every few years. But we advise you to change your dental guard once every 6 to 8 months or as required. Also, it is necessary to allow your dental guards dry completely after washing to prevent bacteria invasion upon it.

Do Dental Crowns come with any kind of Guarantee or Warranty?

At Dentist Houston Tx, we perform quality dental care services and treatments as much as we provide durable dental crowns. This is one reason why our dental crowns come with a guarantee.

How to cure myself from Sleep Bruxism?

Curing sleep bruxism may not be necessary at times. If the situation is a severe one, certain medications can be prescribed to reduce tooth damage and pain in your jaw muscles, such as the use of NSAIDs like ibuprofen to relieve the pain or swelling that might have occurred due to bruxism. Some suggestions, like taking a muscle relaxant before going to bed might be given by your GP.

How much is Custom Fit Mouth Guard?

The cost of each custom fit dental guard ranges between $300 and $500. It’s a more expensive choice, as you will be paying for both the dental guard itself and the work done by the dentists to take a mold of your teeth. The dental guard alone could cost less than $200.

How to prevent Bruxism?

You can use these methods to handle nighttime teeth grinding:

  •       Wear a night guard for teeth grinding
  •       One of the common nighttime teeth grinding causes is stress. So it is important to take some time to work out, as exercise helps to reduce stress.
  •       We advise you to take a warm bath before going to bed at night.
  •       Take some reasonable time to relax
  •       Go for some massaging session at times
  •       Abstain from caffeine and alcoholic substances
  •       Try imbibing new habits
  •       Get help and advice from your dentist

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