Every dentist wishes for his/her patient to retain all their original teeth throughout their lifetime. But then, when the patient is battling with Emergency Tooth Infection Treatment, they don’t have any other option than to recommend the dental procedure for tooth extraction. It is their only way to stop tooth decay, offer dental care, as well as maintain your oral health.

If you need an emergency tooth extraction, you should call your dentist or visit an emergency dental clinic near me that can provide emergency dental services comfortably and gently.

There are many reasons why a dentist recommends a tooth extraction. For instance, when you are suffering from extensive damage such as; tooth decay, cracking, or disease, which damages a tooth. 

Also, in the case of the dental abscess, when there is the risk of the infection spreading, your dentist may recommend a root canal therapy. 

If the Emergency Tooth Infection Treatment antibiotics and root canal treatment did not work out, your dentist is likely to recommend an emergency tooth extraction for the sake of your oral hygiene.  

 The best option is to exterminate any source of the recurring infection and stop it from spreading the disease all over your oral health. 

Furthermore, when you experience damages to your oral health due to periodontal disease or gum disease, the best dental procedure for you is an emergency tooth removal. 

The removal of wisdom teeth and overcrowding is also another reason for emergency dental surgery.


What is better, Root Canal, or a Tooth Extraction?

The dental procedure for root canals and emergency tooth extraction is what dentists use to offer Emergency Tooth Infection Treatment. They use these two mediums to treat teeth that are infected or damaged in any way. 

However, if you are to compare the two dental procedures, it is a bit difficult to choose either one of them, but if you have accurate information on them, you can choose wisely. 

When you lose a tooth, it can result in various problems such as feeling like an older person; your other teeth may shift, and bone loss. But then, maintaining and retaining a bad tooth can cost you greatly. Let’s check out the options. 

  •   Going for a Root Canal

Getting a root canal for your Emergency Tooth Infection Treatment goes with a build-up dental procedure. The dentist has to replace the parts of your tooth that is lost and then fix a crown on it.

The price for the root canal treatment is not that much. If you shop around, you can get it at $3000 or less.

The only downside of this dental procedure is that it doesn’t have a 100% guarantee of success. You will have to redo the root canal treatment if the first one fails or undergo an emergency tooth removal.

  •   Emergency Tooth Extraction

It’s common knowledge that having an emergency tooth extraction is very affordable. The downside is that the opposing and adjacent teeth may start shifting in their position.

Furthermore, post-extraction treatment doesn’t come cheap. Generally, after an emergency tooth removal, the patient may either receive a – 

  •         crown, abutment, or a dental implant
  •         bridge
  •        or any other temporary denture

You may decide on a dental implant as your best option, even though it is costlier. Make sure though that you consider your options thoroughly before making a decision. Losing your teeth is not a child’s play and can result in a domino of oral health problems.  

What is an Emergency Root Canal Treatment?

The root canal treatment is necessary when you are experiencing tooth decay, infections that have spread to the pulp, or damages due to dental emergencies. 

If your case is one of these, your orthodontist or dentist will recommend you for root canal therapy.

The dentist uses the root canal treatment to repair and retain a tooth that is infected or severely damaged. 

The procedure requires the removal of the damaged pulp, clean up the infected area, disinfect it, and seal it after filling. 

However, when you neglect to undergo this dental procedure the right time you should, it can lead you to the emergency room for an emergency root canal treatment. 

What are the Common Dental Emergencies?

Nobody is free from dental emergencies. It may occur at any time while you are eating or playing basketball intensely. No matter the reason that led to your dental emergencies, you need to call your dentist because; you need professional help.

But then, you need to know what constitutes as dental emergencies to help you take the appropriate action. They are as follows; 

  •   When you accidentally knock out your tooth, it is a dental emergency. You actually need to protect the tooth so that your dentist can reattach it.
  •   If you happen to crack or fracture your tooth, you need to call your dentist immediately.
  •   In case the temporary crown you fixed comes off, it is among the dental emergencies that require immediate dentist attention.
  •   If your tooth is infected or extremely painful, you need to call your dentist ASAP so that they can provide Emergency Tooth Infection Treatment.
  •   Also, experiencing jaw pain or broken jaw is another dental emergency that requires immediate professional dental care.

How long does a Dental Infection take to Resolve?

A tooth infection can come as a result of tooth decay, poor oral hygiene, or abscess tooth.

The infection can lead to a pocket of pus forming within your mouth due to the bacteria overgrowth. If it is not treated, the infection can spread to your brain or jaw, even in other areas.

In this situation, your dentist is likely to recommend antibiotics or drainage as the Emergency Tooth Infection Treatment. 

The amount of time it requires for a dental infection to be clear varied. In some, it may take up to 9 months of pain inside your mouth. That is if you did not go to the appropriate dental care. However, if you visit the emergency dental care near me, you can get faster results at an affordable price.

Where to go for an Emergency Tooth Infection Treatment?

If your dental infection is not treated properly, it can spread to other areas of your body and can even reach your brain. It is vital to catch it early so that it will not result in dental emergencies. That is why; you need to visit one of the best emergency dental clinic near me at Urbn Dental for the dental procedure.

If you need professional emergency tooth extraction procedures, make haste to call your dentist at Urbn Dental. You can also contact us through this email or visit our official site today at https://dentisthoustontx.com  to book an appointment.


Unless you have passed through the experience, you may not believe that toothache can lead you to an emergency room or to require professional help.

But then, when you experience trauma to your teeth, and you are in pain, your best option will be to know everything you need to know about professional emergency tooth extraction procedures.

Tooth extraction is all about pulling out the teeth from the bone socket it resides. A professional tooth extraction procedure comes in two major types, namely; surgical and simple tooth extraction.

Both procedures are used to extract a tooth from your mouth, although they have their differences. If the tooth that needs extraction is in plain sight, you may only require a simple extraction procedure. However, if the tooth is hidden behind the root structure, you will be eligible for a surgical tooth extraction.

If your case is a simple extraction, your dentist can just loosen the tooth with an elevator. Then he/she will proceed to pull the tooth out immediately. It is appropriately dislodged from its surrounding bone. The dental procedure is quite simple and only requires local anesthesia.

For the surgical extraction, the dentist will have to make a small incision into the gum line. The small cut will enable the dentist to gain access, lose the tooth, and extract it. You are likely to need an oral surgeon if you are undergoing surgical tooth extraction.

Feel free to visit Urbn Dental today for more information about professional emergency tooth extraction procedures.