Emergency Root Canal Specialist Near Me

If you want to stop your aching tooth as well as preserve your teeth, you must look for a root canal specialist near me. That is; if you are residing in Houston, TX, and need emergency dental services.

Urbn Dental aims at providing pain-free and comfortable urgent dental care for all our patients that need an emergency dentist in Houston TX. Our Houston emergency dental service utilizes a dentist that does a root canal specialist near me to remove all the infections within the patient’s tooth. We can achieve that through deep cleaning of the patient’s tooth, sealing the tooth with the cement-like material, as well as repairing the tooth with a filling or crown.

There are certain reasons that may warrant you to need the Emergency Dentist Houston. For instance; if you have substantial decay from bacteria and hardened plaque which have extended to the tooth nerve or pulp. Also, if you have undergone several dental works on that particular tooth, you are likely to experience issues that will lead you to make an emergency dental appointment with the walk-in dentist near me as soon as possible.

Furthermore, if you suffered a trauma that can be linked to a damaged or chipped tooth, as well as dental crowns or bridges that require repair, you will need day appointments with the local emergency or dentist that take walk-ins.

People generally think that root canal treatment is painful. But then, that is because they have not received treatment from the Emergency Dentist Houston In Urbn Dental. We are dedicated to providing extensive dental care with or without dental insurance.

What is an Emergency Root Canal Treatment?

If you haven’t experienced it, you may not believe that ordinary tooth pain can take you to the ER. But when your tooth pain results in symptomatic-like pain, fistula, swelling, and symptomatic as well as gets worst each day, you will have to look for a dentist open on Saturday in Houston for advice as well as emergency dental care.

He/she will advise you to undergo the emergency root canal treatment since it is likely that the pain you are feeling may be a result of a damaged tooth. It is probable that your inner tooth bone has been damaged, which also led to inflammation, swelling, and maybe fever which is likely to spread out the infection to other tissues.

If you are experiencing this situation, your best option is to look for an emergency dentist that takes walk-ins near me or an emergency dentist that does root canals near me. That is the best way you can get relief for your toothache and salvage your tooth and natural smile at the same time.

What Is Better, Root Canal or a Tooth Extraction?

If your tooth has cracks or there is a cavity within, your dentist will probably recommend an extraction or root canal treatment. However, the particular option you will choose depends greatly on the seriousness of your tooth injury.

Most people though think that both options are interchangeable that is; tooth extractions and root canals. The truth of the matter is that they are quite different from one another. Also, each of them comes with its specific disadvantages and advantages. For instance; if you want to go for the;

Root Canal

This procedure will require a build-up that is; to replace the damaged part of your tooth and to fix a crown. The price of maintaining the damaged tooth may be a bit on the high side although if you shop around, you can get little discounts. Its downside of root canal though is that you are not guaranteed 100% success. Moreover, if the procedure is not successful, we have to redo the process again or extract the tooth.

Tooth Extraction

This particular procedure is less expensive and affordable. However, its downside is that the opposing and adjacent teeth will probably start shifting in their position. Moreover, losing your teeth can make someone feel and appear older. Also, the treatment you have to undergo after tooth extraction may be expensive. The reason is that after a tooth extraction, you can either get a crown, abutment, implant, partial denture, or dental bridge. You may go for the implant, which is the best choice, although the price is a bit on the high side.

You should think very well before deciding on either root canal or tooth extraction.

Is it Possible to Restore Broken Teeth?

Oh yes! It is quite possible. But then, you will need the treatment by a professional. You will need to make day appointments with your dentist to determine how to salvage the broken teeth. Also, restoring the broken teeth depends largely on the extent of the fracture.

If what you suffered is a tiny crack of your tooth enamel or a tiny part of your filling chipped off, what you may need is some bonding material or filling for the restoration. But if the broken tooth is quite extensive, your best option will be a tooth extraction or root canal.

Root Canal Specialists Near Me in Houston

If you are experiencing a dental emergency and require emergency dental services, it is important to visit the best professionals who are experts in proving emergency dental care.

Urbn Dental is equipped with an emergency walk-in dentist near me boasts of. Our Dental clinic can confidently provide high-quality dental care to all the inhabitants of Houston, TX. Feel free to drop in with your dental emergency case any day and anytime. We are always available and happy to receive new patients. Whenever you are ready, just dial us or log on to dentisthoustontx.com to book your dental appointment.


Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that is used by teeth specialists to restore and repair teeth that are severely damaged. Also, it comes in handy when a tooth is infected deeply.

The specialist at Urbn Dental can carry out endodontic or root canal treatment effortlessly and pain-free. Our dental clinic uses this procedure to eliminate infections and salvage the teeth of our patients. Most people often fear the root canal treatment because of the pain they may feel, but our esteemed doctors can conduct the entire treatment while ensuring our patient’s comfort.

Root canal treatment has become a common procedure to the extent that almost millions of people are undergoing therapy annually. That is if you go by the records of the American Association of Endodontists. As a result, people are no longer crazy about pulling their infected teeth.

If you are one of the Houston residents and you or any member of your family is suffering from tooth pain, it is vital to visit the best Houston root canal treatment near me. You only need to call our numbers to book your appointment. Our experts are available and ready to provide any service you may need.