If your Local Emergency Dentist tells you that you need an same-day tooth extraction, it has many meanings. It may mean that your teeth suffered trauma; you have gum disease or tooth decay. Even though you are experiencing any of these dental problems, the emergency tooth extractions near me may not suggest tooth extraction as your first choice. He/she may prefer to restore your teeth with a crown, filling, or an emergency root canal.

However, no matter the best intentions of your Local Emergency Dentist, tooth extraction is probably your best option.

Having an emergency tooth extraction is not something you should be embarrassed about as long as capable dental professionals do the extraction. Urbn Dental is equipped with the same day dentist who performs same-day tooth extractions.

Our dental office or Local Emergency Dentist carries out same-day teeth extraction dental work 24/7 for the entire 365 days of the year. This urgent dental care is made available to both the old and new patients of our emergency dental clinic near me. Even, our dental professionals also conduct same-day emergency tooth extraction as well as emergency root canal treatment.


How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

The average amount it will cost you to remove your wisdom teeth varies depending on what each patient’s dental work requires. That is why; if you ask how much wisdom teeth removal costs, you will probably get many different answers.

Urbn Dental has many ways we can minimize the cost of wisdom teeth removal. You only need to find a dentist at our dental office to know more.

In answer to the question, if the tooth extraction is a simple one, it will not cost more than $99 for each tooth. On the other hand, if the wisdom teeth are impacted ones, its removal may cost around $230 to $340 or much more. However, since the Country you are residing has an impact on the cost of wisdom tooth extraction, you should inquire from the dentist in my area or the dental places near me to know their charges.

Also, you should check with your medical insurance carrier and dental insurance provider. Either one of them may cover a certain part of your wisdom teeth extraction.


Can An Abscessed Tooth be Pulled?

The answer is yes! It can be pulled. In fact, you can extract any tooth, even the one that is abscessed. After all, tooth extraction is the best way to remove what is causing the infection.

However, it is advisable to save the tooth if you can. For instance, your Local Emergency Dentist can perform the root canal treatment to save the tooth. That is if the infected area is the tooth. Most times, though, abscesses may originate from your gums, you should also find a dentist who can treat it appropriately.


What Are the Common Dental Emergencies?

There is nothing more frightening and painful to notice that you have a problem inside your mouth. Sometimes, it may be because you cannot pinpoint what the exact problem is on your own. Most notably, since you are not a Local Emergency Dentist, emergency dentists, or work in any local emergency room, you probably wouldn’t know that what you are experiencing is an emergency.

Unknown to you, you can quickly solve your dental problem on your own with ordinary home first-aid treatment. At any other time, when it is really severe, you should locate your Local Emergency Dentist ASAP!

To be precise, common dental emergencies are the following;

  •       Any Trauma to the Mouth

If you are above the age of ten and have your complete adult teeth, it is not safe to have loose teeth. If you had a fall or accident, most of your teeth might loosen. In that case, you should look for the dentist open on Saturday near me at once.

  •       Knocked-Out Tooth

If you have a knocked-out tooth, don’t touch by its roots. Instead, you can hold through the tooth upside you chew with but very carefully.

  •       Pain

The majority of common dental emergencies comes with a lot of discomforts and severe pain. Your ability to handle the pain depends on the extent of discomfort and pain you are feeling.

  •       Infections

Infections show that there is a serious problem within your dental health. You should make the emergencies call immediately.


  •       Tooth Sensitivity

Most people are susceptible to extremely hot or too cold foods or drinks.


  •       Mouth Sores

Most of the dental emergencies come in the form of mouth sores. It ranges from canker sores to mouth, hand, and food diseases.

  •       Abscessed Gums

Abscessed gums are forms of common dental emergencies. You may not realize it since they usually look like a pimple.

  •       Broken Teeth

A chipped tooth or broken one is not life-threatening, although it is annoying.

  •       Bleeding

Any bleeding within the mouth or your oral cavity should be taken seriously.

  •       Swelling

Although swelling is a symptom of common dental emergencies, it is not good at all. Look for the same day dentist immediately.


Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed? Is It Worth It?

You don’t need to remove your wisdom teeth. Most especially; since it is not every wisdom tooth that gives problems. However, if your wisdom teeth do the following, you should remove it.

  •       If your wisdom teeth are causing you issues, you have to remove it immediately, or it may result in damages in the future
  •       It the wisdom tooth and nerve roots are connected closely with each other; if you extract it before the age of 25, you have reduced the chances of nerve damage.
  •       When you are older, the extraction of your wisdom teeth may lead to a high degree of postoperative complications.

So, in my opinion, it is better to remove your wisdom teeth when the likelihood of it causing you trouble is low. However, if the wisdom tooth is not causing you any trouble and has enough space to grow, you can let them be.


Same Day Dentist Appointments Near Me

If you are looking for the best place to get the same day dentist for your emergency dental care, drop in at your Local Emergency Dentist at Urbn Dental. We are your walk-in dental clinic near me, who can take care of your emergencies call same-day. You only need to dial or email us to enjoy our emergency dental services.


Nothing compares to your natural teeth. That is the reason; your dentist will always try hard to save and retain your natural teeth. However, if your teeth are experiencing tooth decay, sustained trauma, or gum disease that makes it irreparable, your best option will be tooth extraction. Other reasons for wanting to remove the tooth are;

  •       Extracting a malformed or fractured tooth
  •       Tooth decay that is beyond remedy even with a root canal therapy
  •       Baby teeth or extra teeth which impeded your adult teeth
  •       In preparation for orthodontic treatment
  •       A periodontal disease that has advanced to the extent of loosening tooth roots.

If you have to remove the tooth, it has to be on the basis that the tooth is beyond repair, and there is a maximum tooth structure that can accommodate a crown or filling in case of decay. So, if you are experiencing severe tooth sensitivity or high-level periodontal disease, the dental professionals at Urbn Dental can safely extract your affected tooth with the same day simple extraction. In fact, our Local Emergency Dentist can safely extract the problem tooth without having to perform surgery on you. Drop-in at any time you are in need of the same day tooth extraction.