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Caring for your smile means providing high-quality dental care that meets all of your dental needs. Our emergency dental services in Houston TX are comprehensive, which means from a routine cleaning to a complex smile makeover, we can give you the care you need. The URBN Dental team is well-versed in a wide variety of dental treatments to help our patients get beautiful, healthy smiles.

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Emergency Dental Care Services Houston TX


What is a Dental Emergency?

Any condition which, if not treated promptly can cause serious damage to your oral health, should be considered as a dental emergency.

Examples of dental emergencies include injury to gums, one of the jaws, joints, or loss of one or more teeth. It is not really possible to make a complete and final list of situations which should be treated as dental emergencies. That is because each situation will be different, and only an emergency dentist in Houston will be the best-qualified person to determine, whether the situation demands an immediate response or not.

Therefore, if you are not sure whether a given situation demands an emergency response, the best option is to treat it as an emergency.

Emergency Dental Services at URBN Dental

Dental problems normally arise gradually and do not need an immediate response. But occasionally, unexpected things can happen.

For example, an accident on the playground, In the gym, on the road, or even at home or office. Such happenings can cause dental emergencies. Failing to treat such situations promptly may result in permanent damage to your oral assets.

For this reason, it is necessary to understand what situations need an emergency response from you.

How Soon Should I Seek Help in Case of a Dental Emergency?

Unless you are a dental professional yourself, you cannot tell whether a certain delay can result in unacceptable damage or not. Therefore, act without delay. Even a small delay can result in serious, irreversible loss. Broken teeth cannot be grown again. Rush to your dentist for a physical examination, or if that is not possible in the short time, contact one on the telephone to seek advice. After listening to your description, your dentist may advise you to act immediately or give you an appointment.

Immediate Reactions

What to do if you have one or more teeth knocked out?

Immediate Reactions

The most important thing that you should remember in case of an injury or accident, is not to panic. The following advice will help minimize any possible damage and mitigate the pain while you try and reach one of the emergency dental clinics in Houston TX.

As a rule, if you suspect damage, call your dentist first, describe the situation to him or her, and then act upon the instructions. Your dentist may advise you emergency measures, or if he or she determines no emergency action is required or useful, give you a suitable appointment.


Secure and Clean the Tooth

Hold the tooth by the crown. That is very important. Touching the tooth root can damage the bone cells around the tooth root making a re-attachment difficult. Clean the knocked-out tooth by gently rinsing it with saline water or, preferably, milk. If none of these are available, you may use clean water. While cleaning the tooth avoid scrubbing the tooth, as that can also damage the root cells.


Try to Insert the Tooth Back in

After cleaning, try to re-insert the tooth very gently back into its own socket. If that is not possible, hold the tooth loosely between your cheek and gum, retain it there, and try to the visit your nearest dentist office immediately.

In Case of a fractured tooth?

Managing Different Types of Tooth Fractures at URBN Dental

A tooth fracture can be classified as

(a) minor
(b) moderate
(c) severe.

Only a dental professional can correctly decide whether a fracture is ‘severe’, ‘moderate’, or ‘minor’. In each case, the proper action will be as follows:

Minor Fracture
Normally, a minor fracture can be ‘smoothed’, or restored. The exact treatment action will be determined after looking at the x-ray images of your teeth, and clinical examination.
Moderate Fracture
A moderate fracture includes damage to the enamel of the crown (the visible part of the tooth) and the dentin layer which covers the root (inside the gum). Any damage to the pulp inside the tooth root also falls in this category. The tooth with a moderate fracture could be recovered if the pulp has not met permanent damage. In case the pulp is damaged more intensive treatment is required.
Severe Fracture
A case of severe fracture means the tooth will, ordinarily, not be repairable. However, it is best left to your dentist make this decision. Our dentists may find a way to repair or mitigate the damage.

Soft Tissue Injury

A tooth injury will normally be accompanied by an injury to the lips or the gum. You should clean the injured lip with cold water. To stop bleeding, you may need to press down on it with a piece clean piece of gauze or cloth. If there is an injury to the soft tissue inside the mouth, clean it first with water, and then use pressure in a similar manner to stop the bleeding. Seek immediate medical help. Similarly, any bleeding from your tongue should also be handled in the same way. Visit us as soon as possible so that we can control the bleeding.

Object Stuck Between Teeth

A hard object (like a crushed seed, or piece of bone), when stuck between two teeth, may not cause pain immediately, although it will start giving you an uneasy feeling. However, since it bears pressure indirectly on the gums, the gums can, in turn, get inflamed. And soon you may start feeling the pain. In such a case, use a dental pick or a floss to try to remove the stuck object very gently. If that fails, go to your dentist. The same is advised in case a tiny object gets lodged between the gum and a tooth.

First aid & precaution

Management of an Object Stuck Between Teeth at URBN Dental

First Aid Kit at URBN Dental

Dental emergencies may occur anywhere and at any time. Therefore, you should maintain an emergency treatment kit at your home, in the car, and at the workplace, to meet such emergencies. The kit should contain at least the following:


The emergency telephone number of your dentist



A clean piece of cloth, or a clean handkerchief



One roll of antiseptic gauze



A little container with a lid (to preserve a knocked-out tooth)



A painkiller over the counter type. Take care to avoid those with an aspirin content as aspirin will promote bleeding.


How to Avoid Dental Emergencies

Although emergencies may still occur, most of them can be avoided. Some precaution is:


Wear a mouthguard

During contact sportswear a mouth-guard.


Biting on Hard Items

Do not try to crack hard nuts etc., with your teeth. It can crack or fracture your teeth.


Your Teeth are not Cutters

Do not use your teeth for cutting hard objects. Use the appropriate tool (except on the battlefield!)


Book a Consultation

If you feel that you’re having a dental emergency, rush to your nearest dentist’s office, or visit us if you’re nearby. At URBN Dental, we provide round the clock dental emergency services to our esteemed patients.

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