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Teeth get stained and discolored for various reasons. Teeth whitening removes stains and reduces coloration on the teeth. It is one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry because it can greatly improve your smile and increase your social effectiveness. Teeth whitening is, however, not a one-time procedure. If the teeth get pale again, you can repeat the procedure. Before going on, it is useful to discuss something about what gives the beautiful shine to your teeth.

The Dentin and the Enamel

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Enamel is the name of the material which lines the visible part of your teeth. It is a translucent material, i.e., partially transparent. Underneath the enamel is the dentin layer. The color of your teeth is determined by the reflection and scattering of light off the enamel and the dentin. Different people can have different thicknesses of the enamel layer. A thinner layer of enamel allows more of the color of the dentin to show through. Smoothness and roughness of the enamel layer also affect the reflection of light and hence, the color of your teeth. A thin coating, called pellicle keeps forming on your teeth all the time. This coating and the pores in the enamel can hold staining material.

What Causes Staining?

Staining can be caused by any one or more of many reasons.

Your Own Fault

Some of these may be our own fault. You should avoid these to reduce the need for whitening procedures. For examples:

  • Excess of intake of coffee, liquor, beverages
  • Use of tobacco can cause stains and discoloration on your teeth.
  • Neglect of oral hygiene, i.e., brushing and flossing regularly, is an important factor to this.
Beyond your control

Some reasons may be beyond your control.

  • Prolonged sickness can affect the color of your teeth.
  • Gastric acidity can also cause your teeth to become pale.
  • Age makes the enamel layer thinner and the dentin color becomes darker. The tooth color changes.
  • Trauma can also cause a tooth to darken.
Intrinsic Stains

Stains can exist inside the teeth also. These are called inside the teeth.

  • The most common cause is exposure to too much fluoride during childhood.
  • Certain medicines like tetracycline antibiotics can cause stained teeth. These are capable of affecting teeth of an unborn baby if taken during last stages of the pregnancy.


Tooth whitening is most effective on surface (extrinsic) stains. Similarly, in case of receded gums, the exposed roots of the teeth may appear yellowish. Whitening will not make them whiter. Whitening will also not work on crowns and veneers.

Whitening – How it is Done?

Whitening can be done at home using either over-the-counter whitening kits or custom kits supplied by your dentist. Using a dentist-supplied custom kit is safer, and more effective of the two at-home options. However, there are problems, and most conscious people will prefer an In-Office Teeth Whitening for various reasons which will become more obvious as you read through. Know, for the present, that whitening is a chemical process. In-office whitening is safer, faster, and more effective.


The following steps may be performed.

Examination and Photographing

We will examine your teeth to see if whitening is safe for you and will benefit you. Your teeth will most often be photographed to act as a reference to see how whitening has affected them.


Before performing the whitening procedure, we will clean your teeth to remove any plaque (film of food particle, bacteria, and other substances) that continuously forms on your teeth.


If you have any cavities, the whitening chemical can pass through the exposed surfaces and possibly harm the inside of the tooth. These cavities will be filled, and crowned, if need.


At URBN Dental, our Teeth Whitening Dentist in Texas use a powerful, but safe whitening chemical which provides much better results that at-home teeth whitening. The total process will take 30 to 90 minutes depending on the case. It may be completed in one session or may need up to three appointments for a satisfactory result. That is because different types of stains and discolorations will need different treatment.


Gum Protection

We will apply a layer of a protective gel which will save them from the bleaching effect of the whitening gel. This is a step you cannot effectively do at home.


Whitening Gel Application

Having protected your gums and the surrounding tissue, we will apply the whitening get to your teeth and let it act. The gels normally used contain substances which release hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide bleaches any tissue that it comes in contact with. That is why protecting your gums is necessary.


Laser Light

Some whitening chemicals will activate when the special light is shone on them. They respond either to the light or the heat energy in it. Thus, laser lights can speed up the whitening process and shorten the time.


Repeat Visits

Satisfactory results may be obtained in one session. But in complicated cases, two or three appointments may be necessary.



Depending on the severity of your case, we may advise you after the first or second appointment to follow the process at home. For this purpose, we will give you custom trays to fit on your teeth. You will fill the trays with the supplied gel (a weaker, safer solution), and wear the trays on your teeth for two hours each night.

Will it Last for Ever?

Whitening is effective, but for a limited period. The period will depend on how you avoid any circumstances which cause staining or yellowing. After some time, you will need to get another whitening, which may coincide with any special social engagements.

Sensitivity Problems?

It is quite possible that your teeth become somewhat sensitive to hot and cold after a whitening treatment. It will go naturally. However, you may use a sensitivity toothpaste to mitigate the discomfort faster.

After Care

A beautiful smile awaits you at URBN Dental Uptown. Visit us today for teeth whitening and walk away with a brand new smile.



If you are able to identify any factor which caused the discoloration of your teeth avoid that.


Oral Hygiene

Follow strict oral hygiene. That includes regular brushing and flossing.


Dental Visits

Routine dental inspections will ensure to keep your oral health on track. The dentist will be able to detect any tendencies and advise corrective action well in time.

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