To quote the National Sleep Foundation, almost 8% of adults are suffering from teeth grinding. Thus; Mouth Guard for Grinding is vital to their tooth enamel. However, most people that suffer from tooth grinding or tooth clenching are not even aware of it. But the professional dentists at Dentist Houston Tx In Memorial can tell you whether you are grinding teeth at night. This is why you need to schedule a visit without delay and know whether you clench or grind your teeth.

That is; after checking you for the symptoms and signs of Bruxism. They can also recommend you to wear a mouth guard for teeth grinding which you can wear at night. Teeth clenching or tooth grinding is a dental problem that is quite common. You may do it unconsciously while you are sleeping.

Your grinding teeth at night may be a recent habit, or you may have been grinding teeth in sleep all your life. The important thing is that; if you want to know how to stop grinding teeth, you will need a professional dental expert. If you find yourself experiencing the following symptoms and signs, rush to Dentist Houston Tx In Memorial immediately. Our dentists are ready to attend to you.

  • After you wake up, you feel Earaches, Facial Soreness, Jaw Pain, Teeth Pain, or Soreness

Those that suffer from teeth grinding usually wake up with soreness of their temporomandibular joint. Not only that, they are likely to earaches, facial soreness, and teeth pain as a result of the stress caused by their grinding teeth in sleep.

  • Waking with a Headache

Another symptom of nighttime teeth grinding is waking up with constant headaches. Even though the headache may be intense or mild, its pain will focus around the back or sides of your head. This frequent headache is due to the pressure your jaws are enduring while gritting teeth.

  • When there are Noticeable Symptoms of Wear on your Tooth Enamel

Frequent teeth grinding is likely to cause wear to your Tooth Enamel. As a result, the front of your teeth may become shorter. There may be cracks within your teeth. On top of your molars may seem flat. There may be tiny pits within your molars, or your tooth may be chipped and you are not aware of when it occurred.

  • Your Partner Tells you that you Grind your Teeth at Night

Another sign is when your grinding teeth in sleep are so very loud to wake up your partner and he, or she tells you about it.

What is Invisalign Teeth Grinding?

Invisalign is the orthodontic procedure which is used to correct the problems caused by grinding teeth at night. For instance; you can use invisalign system to straighten crooked teeth with aligners. You can also use the invisalign as a mouth guard for teeth grinding from nighttime gritting Teeth. Not only that, invisalign also serves as whitening trays for teeth whitening. To be precise, this device serves multiple functions. However, excessive grinding teeth in sleep take its toll on the invisalign device. It results in the bite guard retainers wearing thin and digs a hole within the plastic material eventually. The best treatment is always available for you at Dentist Houston Tx In Memorial. You can contact us here at for more information.

How does A Mouth Guard Protect your Teeth?

A dentek dental guard is a protector for your teeth. For instance; the sports mouth guard used by boxers can help to cushion any blow to your face. Also, it reduces the chances of your getting broken teeth or sustaining injuries to your tongue, jaw, face, or lips. Typically, a tmj mouth guard is the best way to safeguard the tender tissues of your tongue, cheek lining, and lips. If you are looking for how to grinding teeth or how to stop clenching jaw; a professional dental guard is vital.

What Wears Down your Teeth?

There is nothing that wears your teeth down more than the corrosion of your tooth enamel and acid. When you are always indulging on acidic drinks and foods, you are likely to end up with a messed up teeth. Tooth Grinding is another thing that can wear down your tooth enamel. Furthermore, if you are suffering from conditions like bulimia or alcoholism which causes constant vomiting, it can wear down your teeth. The reason is that these conditions expose your tooth enamel to stomach acids too many times.  It is true that human teeth are built from strong stuff. But then, injuries, health conditions, or habits can cause it to tear and wear. You can visit Dentist Houston Tx In Memorial to learn the things that can spoil your smile. Here also, you will be taught what you should do to protect your teeth better.

Why did my Teeth Become Extremely Sensitive All of a Sudden?

There are so many factors that may cause your teeth to become highly sensitive suddenly which may not be as a result of the underlying disease. Sometimes, it may be caused by flossing or brushing your teeth. You may find out that your teeth have cracked, have cavities, or gum recession. All these conditions may lead to the exposure of your dentin which is the nerve that instigates the sensitivity to your teeth. Another causative agent of sensitive teeth is tooth grinding or Grinding teeth in sleep. If you are one of those that grinds teeth, you are likely to wear down your tooth enamel thus, causing sensitivity.

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