When you wake up suddenly at night due to throbbing pain and can’t go back to sleep, it is a sign of an abscessed tooth. Some people may mistake it as an ordinary toothache, not knowing that it is the tooth abscess symptoms or gum disease.


Abscess Tooth comes as a result of a bacteria tooth infection. This particular dental abscess is where pus has gathered to cause either moderate or severe pain to those suffering from such condition. Tooth abscess symptoms occur when a root canal infection or cavity is left untreated for a long time. This condition can also come as a result of a chip, tooth decay, or crack inside the tooth enables the root canal infection to locate a person’s dental pulp and infect it.


Abscess in the mouth originates from the inner chamber of the tooth where nerves and vessels gather. If your tooth can succumb to a periodontal abscess, it then means that the tooth no longer has the power to combat bacteria and infections. The presence of the abscess in jaw shows by accumulated pus which is formed from dead tissue debris, white blood cells, and bacteria.


What is Dental Abscess?

A dental abscess is the accumulation of pus that gathered as a result of bacterial infection. This condition can happen in many places in the tooth due to several causes. The periapical abscess can occur on top of the root while a periodontal abscess occurs within the gums beside the tooth root. The reason for a periapical abscess is due to untreated tooth decay or cavities.


Your dentist can effectively provide tooth abscess treatment by draining out the pus and eliminating the infection. With the tooth abscess treatment and dental abscess antibiotics, you can save your tooth although some instances it may require an urgent care tooth extraction. It is not suitable for your dental health to neglect dental abscess treatment since it is likely to cause abscess ruptures and become a severe life-threatening situation. Why not visit your dentist for them to help you out before it is too late.


How are Abscessed Tooth Treated?

The abscessed tooth comes as a result of infections which originate from within the tooth. Bacterial infections can come in through broken, chipped, or tooth decay. Immediately the bacteria reaches the tooth center, that part becomes infected, thus causing pus to accumulate in the tooth. When the pus within the tooth swells up, you begin to experience a toothache. If your toothache is such as this, you need to know tooth abscess symptoms. Where else is better to get your tooth abscess treatment than your dentist. What the dentist wants to achieve is to eliminate the infection. Thus; they will have to carry out the following;


Do an incision or open up the abscess so that he or she can drain out the pus and rinse that area with saline or saltwater. Sometimes, the dentist can place a small rubber drain to make way for drainage as the swelling reduces.


Carry out a root canal treatment which will help to clear out the infection while saving the tooth at the same time. Your dentist will need to drill deep inside your tooth, eliminate the infected central tissue of pulp, and proceed to drain out the abscess.

The dentist can also perform a tooth extraction for the particular infected tooth. If the dentist realizes that there is no remedy for your tooth, the next option is to pull it out to enable them to drain out the abscess and eliminate the infection.


The dentist can also prescribe dental abscess antibiotics which can help in the abscess treatment. However, if the infection only stops in the abscessed area, there may be no need for dental abscess antibiotics.


How Long can a Tooth Abscess wait for treatment?

The length of time required for a tooth abscess treatment wait for greatly depends on you. If you can endure the severe pain and tolerate the uncomfortable increasing ball of pus within your body, then you can wait. Moreover, the pus will keep on increasing constantly leaking abscess in mouth and eroding your bone, thus becoming dangerous to your blood vessels and heart as constant tiny bacteria is seeping into your body. Any sensible person will never delay at all while looking for how to get rid of an abscess. Abscess treatment requires immediate action and not something to postpone at all. Those people who procrastinate and delay their abscess treatment may have to spend more in their treatment.

Moreover, they may already have caused severe damage to their overall health. An abscess will never treat itself, and it is likely to spread the infection to your eyes brain, and sinuses and finally fall on your chest to affect your heart. The last option then, will be an emergency room.


How Long does a Dental Infection Take to Resolve?

If you want to know how long it will take you to resolve your dental infection, you should drop into a dental clinic for a professional opinion. However, with the layman’s experience, I can say that it may take up to nine months. But it is better in this situation to consult the professionals who are specialists in this field. If you visit your dentist, they can reduce the period. As long as they caught the tooth abscess in time, it may not take them more than 30 minutes to drain. Furthermore, with them, the abscess healing stages may not take more than 10 days.


Emergency Room Dentist Near Me

Anytime you are showing signs of tooth infection, the best thing for you to do is to go to your nearest Dentist In Houston, TX, for them to take care of you. AT Urbn Dental we have professional dentists who can bring you up to date on how to get rid of an abscess. They will also educate you on what causes an abscess tooth so that after treatment, you can care for the abscess healing stages. Feel free to contact us to book your appointment.