Tooth Whitening at Dentist (Procedure & Cost)

There are several reasons people rely on cosmetic dentistry if they want to undertake teeth whitening. As individuals are different, so are their teeth. Everyone is not born with brilliant white teeth, and as a result, the teeth tend to become discolored as they age. Furthermore, the surface of people’s teeth may become stained due to drinks like blackcurrant, red wine, coffee, tea, smoking, and food.


Another thing that can affect your teeth color is tartar or calculus, tiny cracks within the teeth, or antibiotics. With all these causative agents of teeth discoloration all about us, your only remedy is to undertake cosmetic dental procedures. Teeth whitening are the best option you have to bring back the natural color of your teeth. It is the best and effective way to get a beautiful smile without the need to scrape off any part of your tooth surface.


Although this procedure is not life-threatening, you will still need the best dental cosmetic surgeon for it. Teeth whitening is not a procedure you undertake once. You need to repeat this cosmetic dental procedure at intervals so that you can retain its brightness. That is why; you need to locate the best cosmetic near me to make it convenient for you. Why not drop in at Urbn Dental Dentist In Houston Tx, for your dental fillings, enamel shaping, inlays, and outlays. That is the best place to get the best cosmetic orthodontist near me.


What are the best Treatment and Cost for Dental Whitening

If you want to have a brighter smile, you only have two choices to make for your teeth whitening. It is either you undertake the at-home caring, or you go for in-office base teeth whitening. At-home whitening is indeed more common treatment used by most patients; some others do not want to use the bleaching tray daily for weeks on end. As a result, they go for in-office teeth whitening, which is faster and delivers immediate results.


You should meet with your private dentist near me to advice you on the best option that can suit you best. Depending on your convenience, budget, and the outcome you want, you can take the option that is best for you. The professionals at Urbn Dental dental laboratory Dentist In Houston, TX, will tell you that both at-home and in-office teeth whitening process is almost similar. The only difference is that at-home whitening procedure uses about 3% – 20% hydrogen peroxide or carbamide.


On the other hand, the in-office procedure uses around 15% – 43% hydrogen peroxide. It is a known fact that if you place stronger substances on your tooth for an extended period, your teeth will become whiter. But then, higher percentages of peroxide in whitening solutions are not advisable to be applied to the teeth for more extended periods. The reason is that it may result in your tooth dehydration and increase the sensitivity of your tooth. Each of the teeth whitening options comes with their specific pros and cons. However, when you meet with Urbn Dental cosmetic orthodontist near me, they can provide you with better advice on the best treatment that will be suitable for you.


What are the Different Types of Tooth Whitening Treatments?

If the best cosmetic surgeon has proclaimed you a candidate for teeth whitening, you have different types of tooth whitening to choose from. They are as follows;


  •       In-Office Bleaching

This is a cosmetic dental procedure which delivers faster results. It is performed in the office of the private dentist near me quickly in about 1 hour. The cost of this procedure is a bit on the high side; however, it is time-saving and free of stress.


  •       Teeth Whitening Gels and Trays

Teeth Whitening gels and trays are also effective, but the time needed for it to achieve results is longer. According to the strength of the hydrogen peroxide within the gel you are using, it may take up to 3 days to two weeks. These gels come in two different types. There is an over-the-counter type which you can purchase or the one recommended by your dentist. Be careful with the OTC types since their sizing is generic and they may allow the bleaching solution to get into your gums, thus resulting in irritation.


  •       Teeth Whitening Strips

This particular treatment is all over the nation in every drug store you go into. The strips are sold OTC, and they are quite affordable, effective, and easy to use. However, it may take longer for your teeth to become whiter.


  •       Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Teeth Whitening pastes come with mild abrasives which can eliminate surface stains. They may contain extra chemicals and effective agents that may work for teeth whitening more than the ordinary toothpaste. However, their design is not specific for teeth bleaching.


How much Should a Teeth Whitening Procedure Cost

Presently, the cost of teeth whitening procedure is a bit expensive. However, the cost you may get depends greatly on the teeth whitening procedure your dentist is using and complication involved in your case. Also, the cost depends on the location you are undertaking the procedure. Usually, the cost for whitening your teeth begins from $100 to $500 for every session. That is if your dentist is using the procedure that requires modern systems and equipment. There is a need for you to visit the Dentist In Houston TX, to get more information. The experts at Urbn Dental dental laboratory will help you to understand the different aspects required. If you don’t want to spend too much money on the procedure, our dentists can advise you on other available options which are more affordable.


Where can I get the Best Teeth Whitening Services?

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Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me

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