There are several kinds of best over the counter mouth guards for teeth grinding you can find in almost any dental clinic or office. These mouth guards have specific purposes for which they’re made. Out of the several teeth grinding guards, there are three major ones, which include:

Custom-fitted Mouth Guards

This form of teeth grinding guards is usually made by a dental technician or dentist in a dental lab in such a way that it fits the patient’s mouth. They are best for providing cushioning, protection, and comfort because of their close-fitted nature. This type of mouth guard is the most expensive choice. However, it can’t be more expensive than having an injured jaw or teeth. Most dentists prefer this option over any other mouth guard option.

Boil-and-bit Mouth Guards –

This type of teeth grinding guard can be easily be reshaped once it’s being placed into hot water. The patient can simply fix the heated night guard unto the teeth so that it takes the shape of the mouth. Sometimes these boil-and-bite mouth guards don’t align with the teeth of the patient, which makes it uncomfortable to wear at times. Replacing the boil-and-bite night guards every season is advisable.

Stock –

The stock mouth guard for teeth grinding is a ready-made mouth guard that is sold in many dental offices. They are the cheapest to go for, but they also offer the least protection to your teeth. They can be very uncomfortable and poorly fit unto your teeth.

What Is The Best Nightguard for Teeth Grinding?

Getting the best nightguard for teeth grinding solely depends on what you want. Some folks may prefer a mouth guard because of low cost, durability, effectiveness, and so on. Generally, the most preferred nightguard is the one designed by your dentist. If that seems too expensive at the moment, your next alternative is the ‘boil-and-bite nightguard to mold your teeth. Immerse the boil-and-bite dental mouth guard into hot water so that it softens. Take out afterward and fix it unto your teeth. There, you have your partial custom mouth guard. You can get the most effective dental night guard here in Tanglewood at Dentist Houston Tx. Our dental night guards are designed to give you comfort and desired results.

What Are The Symptoms Of Tooth Sensitivity?

The symptoms of tooth sensitivity people may experience are centred about discomfort or pain. People with tooth sensitivity may feel pains at the affected tooth root. Here are the most common factors that can trigger this pain or discomfort:

  •   Cold Air
  •   Cold Water
  •   Sweet Beverages and Foods
  •   Hot Beverages and Foods
  •   Beverages and Foods containing acid
  •   Alcoholic Mouth Rinses
  •   Flossing or Brushing Teeth

You may experience these symptoms sometimes and other times you won’t. They could range from minor to critical.

Why Did My Teeth Become Extremely Sensitive All Of A Sudden?

Tooth sensitivity may rise when the tooth enamel wears down, which causes the endings of unprotected nerves to pose sensitivity and pain in your teeth. Good enough, sudden tooth sensitivity doesn’t last for long and can easily be tackled. One of the causes of sudden tooth sensitivity is over brushing, according to The American Dental Association (ADA).

Can Grinding Your Teeth Cause Them To Chip?

Grinding teeth in sleep at night or during the day can cause your teeth to chip over time. Grinding your teeth wears down the tooth enamel and can cause temperature sensitivity, which leads to pain in the face and problems in the jaw, such as TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disease).

Can A Mouth Guard Cause Gum Recession Or Damage?

You can experience gum recession or damage if your night mouth guard is not properly fit unto your teeth. If you stay a long time (up to 8 or 9 months) without wearing your mouth guard, it could become tight because of the movement or remolding of your teeth.

Invisalign Teeth Grinding

When nighttime teeth clenching is not handled, it can be very detrimental to both your oral health and your overall health. Not treating teeth clenching can result in both gum disease as well as tooth decay. Good enough, Invisalign can handle both cases. You can get the best treatment at Dentist Houston Tx when you call us on our phone lines. You can as well book an appointment with any of our orthodontists online or contact us via our email address.

FAQs about Teeth Grinding Guard

Why does grinding one’s Teeth causes Toothache?

Grinding your teeth wears down the tooth enamel. This alone is enough to cause a toothache. Grinding your teeth has so many negative effects, one of which is inflammation of the pulp (the central part of your tooth) and this pulp consists of many nerves that are sensitive to pain.

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is the medical term for tooth grinding or clenching. From records, about 25 million Americans unknowingly grind their teeth and clench their jaw in sleep or during the day time.

Do I really need a Night Guard for Bruxism?

The night mouth guards do not stop your nighttime teeth clenching; they only serve as a cushion (a shock absorber) for your teeth. So when you grind your teeth at night, your teeth wear down the night mouth guards in place of your teeth. Therefore it is important to use a night guard for nighttime teeth clenching.

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