You can experience a dental emergency at any time. It might occur in the night, daytime, or at weekends. The important thing is to call your dentist or a Toothache Emergency Dentist at once. The first thing you should do anytime you are experiencing any dental problem is to look to call your dentist.

However, if the mishap occurs when you are on vacation, weekend, or middle of the night, you cannot wait for your dentist since he/she may not be available. The best thing you can do is locate the nearest ER or a walk in a dental clinic near me.

Before you can look for emergency dental care, though, you need to know what is considered a dental emergency.

That is if you want to save yourself from wasted journeys to an emergency dental clinic. But then, to know what is considered as a dental emergency may not be very clear. That is why; we will clarify such issues for you. You will then know the mishaps that can lead you to find a dentist near me for urgent dental care. Also, you will know the issues you can endure until you get an appointment with the dentist close to me.


What would you do when you need Dental Emergency?

Anyone who has passed through any dental emergency is well-aware of how painful and frightening it can be. Even most people who are experiencing it do not know if it is a dental emergency or not, what to do, or who they can call.

There are many different forms of dental emergencies. Some of them are more urgent to need the services of a Toothache Emergency Dentist while some can wait until you find a dentist near me.

As a result, your quick action during a dental emergency goes a long way to bring you to a successful outcome. If you are feeling any of the following;

  •   Severe painful toothache that doesn’t want to stop
  •   Painful swelling
  •   Gums that are bleeding and refused to stop
  •   Injured jaw
  •   A knocked or loose tooth
  •   Tooth sensitivity that is too extreme
  •   Toothache with swollen face or cheeks

If you are feeling any of the above-listed mishaps, call your dentist ASAP! If your dentist is not available for any reason, find a dentist near me or any walk in dental clinic near me.

Most dentists in my area have numbers listed for emergency events apart from their regular office hours. If, after much effort, you still cannot get a dentist, hit the emergency room, or any Toothache Emergency Dentist in the care of emergency dental services.


What are Common Dental Emergencies?

It is usually very frightening to find out that there is a problem within your mouth. Most times, it is because you cannot ascertain what the problem is on your own. Since you are not a toothache emergency dentist, any dentist, or work in dental offices, you may not know whether what you are experiencing is an emergency or not.

Sometimes, you can even solve your dental problem on your own with ordinary home first-aid treatment. At any other time when it is severe, you should call your dentist ASAP!

To answer your question, common dental emergencies are as follows;

  •   Any Trauma to the Mouth

If you are above the age of ten and have your complete adult teeth, it is not safe to have loose teeth. If you had a fall or accident, most of your teeth might come loose. In this situation, you should call your dentist at once.

  •   Knocked-Out Tooth

If you have a knocked-out tooth, don’t touch by its roots. Rather, you can hold through the tooth upside you chew with but very carefully.

  •   Pain

Most common dental emergencies bring discomfort and a certain degree of pain. How you can handle the pain depends on the extent of discomfort and pain you are feeling.

  •   Infections

Infections show that there is a serious problem within your dental health. You should find a dentist near me immediately.

  •   Tooth Sensitivity

Most people are extremely sensitive to too hot or too cold foods or drinks.

  •   Mouth Sores

Most of the dental emergencies are regarded as mouth sores. It ranges from canker sores to mouth, hand, and food diseases.

  •   Abscessed Gums

Abscessed gum is one of the types of common dental emergencies. You may not realize it since they normally look like a pimple.

  •   Broken Teeth

A broken tooth is not life-threatening, although it is annoying.

  •   Bleeding

You should never take any bleeding within your oral cavity lightly

  •   Swelling

Although swelling is a symptom of common dental emergencies, it is not good at all.


What are the Symptoms of a Tooth Infection?

One of the first symptoms that will alert you to a tooth infection is; throbbing or a sore tooth. If you neglect to treat this symptom, it may commence from uncomplicated to infection.

From there, you will begin to experience redness, severe pain, swelling, as well as fever, which shows that your body system is trying to fight off the infection. Another symptom is when your mouth has a foul taste or bad breath, which refuses to go away even with mouthwash rinsing or brushing.

Other symptoms are; swollen lymph within your neck, fever, sensitivity due to pressure, sensitivity to cold or hot things, your cheeks swelling, throbbing pain in your neck, jawbone, or tooth.


What are the Symptoms of Tooth Sensitivity?

Those that are suffering from tooth sensitivity are likely to experience discomfort or pain due to certain factors. For instance; you may feel pain or discomfort to;

  •   Hot beverages and foods
  •   Cold beverages and foods
  •   Cold air
  •   Sweet beverages and foods
  •   Acidic beverages and foods
  •   Coldwater at the time of dental cleanings
  •   Flossing or brushing teeth
  •   Rinsing the mouth with alcohol-based products

These symptoms may be touch and go for a while.


The Closest Dentist Near Me

The best person that can examine you to tell you what is considered a dental emergency or not is a Tooth Emergency Dentist. You can only find the best of them at Urbn Dental the emergency dental care near me. So if you need the services of the best emergency dentist, drop in at our dental offices for one. You only need to call our numbers or email us for you to receive the best dental care near me.            


You can say that dental emergencies are injuries sustained in your gums, teeth, or jaws. Even any injury to these dental parts which you neglected to treat when they occurred is likely to become an emergency. That is if you did not seek the help of a certified dental professional to treat you.

If you neglect to treat injuries to your mouth when they occurred for a long time, it will surely lead to a dental emergency that will require costly and extensive treatment. Thus, patients need to look for professional help immediately; they sustain injuries to the mouth, teeth, or gums.

There are many injuries and conditions that you can consider as a dental emergency. The following are dental emergencies that will require urgent dental care by a dental professional;

  •       A dislodged tooth, which happened by force.
  •       Tooth that dislodged partially
  •       Abscesses which is a sign of infection
  •       A lost crown or filling which can damage the tooth
  •       Any injury to your gums
  •       Fracture of the jaw

If by chance, you are experiencing any of these problems listed above, you should consult a dental professional who is qualified in handling such cases immediately. For more information about what is considered a dental emergency, visit any of the Urbn Dental offices.