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URBN Dental is widely considered one of the most reliable dental clinics for emergency dental care in Houston. Our emergency dental clinic in Houston provides the safest and most effective treatments to address the root cause of your dental problems. Our emergency dentists examine your mouth, determine the root cause of your emergency situation, and help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health. URBN Dental is open on Saturdays, so you can even visit our dental clinic without prior appointments on the weekend.

URBN Dental also offers last-minute walk-in dental appointments during emergency situations. If you’re in the grips of a dental emergency, we don’t expect you to schedule an appointment — you need an emergency dental appointment immediately. We will always accept last-minute walk-in dental appointments during emergencies within reasonable bounds. If possible, please contact your emergency dentist during the emergency situation and describe the problem — the emergency dentist will help with the first aid measures.

URBN Dental is one of the most reliable emergency dental clinics in Houston, TX. You can find our dental clinic at 2400 Mid Ln. #350, Houston, located between the trendy shopping centers of River Oaks District and Highland Village, a short drive from the Galleria shopping mall. Our emergency dental clinic is ideal for patients in and around the Galleria, Highland Village, Upper Kirby, Bellaire, and River Oaks in Houston — please schedule an appointment or call 346-512-4902.

What should I do if I have a dental emergency and can’t get a hold of a dentist?

If you have a dental emergency, you should ideally contact your regular emergency dentist. If you can’t get a hold of your regular dentist, call any dentist near your location — the dentist should be within 30 minutes of your home. If you can’t get a hold of any dentist in the area, you should have someone take you to the emergency room in a hospital.

A hospital’s emergency room shouldn’t be your first choice because they don’t usually have dental specialists in attendance. An emergency room might be able to provide antibiotics and clean your wounds, but they can’t fix broken or cracked teeth, re-attached knocked-out teeth, or perform other dental procedures. That’s why you must contact emergency dentists.

I have an after-hours dental emergency. What should I do?

If you have an after-hours dental emergency, you must contact your emergency dental clinic. Even regular dental clinics make exceptions for dental emergencies. Please contact your emergency dentist and describe the situation. If you truly have a dental emergency that can’t wait for the morning, the emergency dentist will ask you to visit the dental clinic without delay. If you can’t reach your emergency dentist, please visit your nearest urgent care in a hospital.

What should happen at my emergency visit?

When you visit an emergency dental clinic during a dental emergency, the dentist must address your particular concerns. If you’re bleeding, the emergency dentist will stop the bleeding, provide antibiotics, and identify the source of the wound or injury. If you have a knocked-out tooth, the dentist may determine if the tooth can be reattached. The specific details of your emergency visit will depend on the nature of the emergency.

What other treatments may I need?

After addressing the immediate concerns, such as infections, wounds, injuries, or knocked-out teeth, the emergency dentist may provide additional treatments. You may need these emergency treatments to address many concerns, such as severe toothaches, fractured teeth, missing teeth, and more. The following is a brief overview of some of the most common treatments during dental emergencies in Houston.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is necessary for severe dental infections because of untreated cavities. If the pulp tissues within your teeth are infected, the dentist will have to remove the infected tissues to prevent the condition from spreading. The dentist will drill an access hole into the root canal, remove the infected nerves, blood vessels, and pulp tissues, and seal the hole with gutta-percha. A dental crown might be placed to protect the weakened tooth.

Dental Extraction

Dental extractions are some of the most common dental emergency procedures. If your tooth is severely infected or damaged, the dentist may have to remove the tooth completely. Depending on the tooth’s condition, the dentist may perform a simple or surgical extraction. Tooth extraction is only recommended as a last resort if there are other means of saving the infected tooth and if the extraction is necessary to protect the surrounding teeth.

Dental Implants

You may need dental implants if you’ve undergone tooth extraction or if you’ve lost a tooth because of an emergency. The dentist will place a titanium implant within the jawbone of the missing tooth to support a dental crown, bridge, or denture, thereby replacing the missing tooth or teeth. Dental implants offer the same appearance, feeling, and functionality as natural teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A wisdom tooth extraction might be necessary if you experience severe toothaches because of impacted wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth are the final molars located at the back of the mouth. If the wisdom tooth is impacted or can’t erupt properly, it may damage the surrounding teeth and gums, leading to severe pain. In that case, a wisdom tooth extraction might be necessary.

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URBN Dental is one of the most reliable and affordable emergency dental clinics in Uptown Houston. We offer last-minute, walk-in affordable emergency dental care services to patients in and around the Galleria, Highland Village, Upper Kirby, Bellaire, and River Oaks in Houston. If you have a dental emergency, such as bleeding gums, dental infections, knocked-out teeth, fractured teeth, or other problems, please schedule an appointment immediately. You may also call us at 346-512-4902.