What Are Treatment Options for the Cracked Tooth?

There are so many things you do that may cause a cracked tooth treatment. For instance; chewing tough foods, aging, or even nighttime teeth grinding can cause this condition. Other causes are dental fillings, which are so large that they can weaken your tooth integrity. Furthermore, eating hard foods like hard candy, nuts, or ice can cause it.

Also, when you suffer trauma to your mouths, such as blows from a fistfight, fall, sporting injury, or car accident, it is likely to lead to cracked teeth. If you find yourself in this condition, your best option is to go for Dental Crowns Treatments. When a tooth cracks, it doesn’t mean that the symptom will become visible on your gum line. Moreover, its symptoms will probably come and go.

You need to visit your dentist, who is a specialist in cracked tooth treatment. If not, you will be facing much disturbance on your teeth while drinking or eating warm and cold beverages. So if you don’t want to face the pains and discomfort related to a cracked tooth, visit your dentist for proper dental care. You can always visit the dental professionals near you, who are specialists in such matters.


When is a Dental Crown Considered to be Necessary?

Dental crowns are vital if you want your tooth to leave on for many more years after it damages. It can strengthen your tooth and provide other aesthetic services. However, it is not every large filling or dental care that requires a dental crown treatment. Conditions that require a dental crown infection treatment are as follows;

  •       When there is a wide dental carry that is likely to result in more tooth structure loss. As a result, the remaining structure of your tooth becomes weak.
  •       When there is a large filling, which makes the cusps weak or thin and likely to fracture. Also, a dental crown is necessary when one of the cusps comprises filling material.
  •       It is also necessary to undergo dental crown treatment if your cusps are on the brink of fracture or have fractured. Your pulp will still be healthy, but you will be feeling a kind of bite pains.
  •       A dental crown after a root canal treatment is greatly important. All the premolars and molars which pass through a root canal treatment are likely to have weaker tooth structure.
  •       If you notice cracks within your teeth, on the back or front or both teeth, then you need dental crown treatment.
  •       Another situation where a dental crown treatment is necessary is in cosmetic cases.
  •       When you undergo a complete mouth reconstruction and require elevating your VDO (vertical dimension of occlusion), then dental crown treatment is vital.
  •       Another instance where you may need a dental crown treatment is when you want to restore your dental implants.


How to Treat Tooth Pain Under a Crown?

The causative agent of tooth pain is usually an irritation to the tooth. There are other factors also such as dental infection, cracked teeth, injury, dental decay, plaque, as well as gum disease, etc. if you want to treat tooth pain under a crown; there is the need for you to find out the causative agent of the tooth pain first. When you find out the cause of the tooth pain, you can now monitor your habits that led to it.

Furthermore, you need dental visits to your dentist for repair or getting you relief for the aching gums and teeth.


How Do Dentists Repair a Broken Tooth?

How your dentist repairs your broken tooth depends greatly on your nerves. The dentist will have to find out first and foremost whether your tooth’s nerve is affected by the broken tooth. That is; the dentist will find out if your nerve is still healthy or not. The result of the diagnosis will make him/her decide whether you need root canal treatment prior to the repairing process. You and your dentist will then decide the choice of filling or restoration material you may need.

After your decision, the dentist will proceed to drill your tooth to a particular shape depending on the prescribed biological and geometric principles. Your dentist will then make the mold of your tooth and send it to a laboratory for manufacturing. When the porcelain or gold filling is ready, your dentist will now glue it to your tooth. Using amalgam and resin, he/she will then drill your tooth to a different shape in accordance with specific geometric principles. Your dentist will finally place or bond the filling to your tooth.


Is There Any Other Way to Repair my Tooth Besides a Crown?

Yes! There are many different ways to repair a tooth without the need for a dental crown. However, the repair procedure depends significantly on the extent of your tooth damage. If you have small damage to your tooth, you can receive a dental filling. For medium damage to your tooth, you are likely to get a dental crown or veneer. Whereas, if the damage your tooth suffers is a big one, you are likely to get a root canal treatment together with the dental crown. Another possibility for big tooth damage is an implant placement or tooth extraction. However, it is best to book for dental visits at the dental clinic close to you for a professional direction. The professional dentists here can help you decide the best option that can suit your specific needs.


What is Dental Crown Treatment Cost?

The dental crown treatment cost varies depending on many different factors. The average cost for this treatment may range from $800 – $1700 or so much more for each crown. This treatment does not come cheap, although, at Urbn Dental, there are payment plans to help patients without insurance coverage. With these plans, you can receive top-notch treatment while you make your payments gradually. You can call or email us to book for an appointment.